Reading devices and reader-printers

Readers for microfiches and microfilms as well as reader-printers for re-enlargement of microforms are located

  • on the 2nd floor, near the reading room information desk
  • in the special reading room (Bibliotheca Amploniana) on the 2nd floor


Costs for self-service
Re-enlargement of micro forms, size A4 : each page 0.10 €

Micro forms scanner

To digitize microforms and process them for scientific purposes, a PC with a special scanner is available on the 2nd floor of the library to registered users.


Technical equipment

  • Microforms-scanner (Canon MS 350 II)
  • PC with scanning software (Capture Perfect), image processing software (IrfanView), Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Acrobat for creating PDF documents and an Internet browser
  • Saving and printing (use of personal USB sticks, for members of the university: saving of data files in your personal directory, sending of data files as e-mail attachments)

The use of the microform scanners is only possible after registering first at the reading room information desk on the 2nd floor during service hours.


Information Services
Contact: Antje Boon
(Erfurt University Library)