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A linkresolver is an electronic service that helps to indicate the availability of scientific publications. It takes you from a search in a database or a search platform such as Google Scholar directly to the document you are looking for. Ideally, this is an electronic full text, but it can also be a reference in the library's online catalogue or in the Common Union Catalogue (GVK, online interlibrary loan).

Erfurt University Library uses ReDi-Links, a non-commercial service of the UB Freiburg. It makes the library's holdings more visible in databases and search portals, and helps with getting access to the requested literature.

How does a link resolver work?

If a link resolver is active in a database, a button appears in the hit list for each literature reference during the search. A click on the button starts a search in various sources, which in the best case leads to an electronic full text. Alternatively, you will get to a menu with further references and information:



Electronic full text: if applicable, information on why no full text could be determined.

Local availability: checking the holdings in the library's online catalogue and the Discovery search portal.

Holdings of other libraries: check of the holdings in the Common Union Catalogue (GVK), if necessary an interlibrary loan order can be sent. Search in other supra-regional library catalogues is possible (KVK, WorldCat).

Search on the Internet: further search in Google or Google Scholar.

Contact: for questions and suggestions please use the contact form of the UB Erfurt, for technical problems please contact the ReDI team (

The information of the originally searched item is always kept, i.e. re-entering the search terms is not necessary.


  • Databases with availability search
    A number of databases with an active link resolver can be found in the library's database information system DBIS.
  • Disocovery
    In the search portal Discovery the button "to the electronic full text" appears, if a matching item is found.
  • Reference Manager
    In reference management programs such as Endnote or Citavi, the OpenURL of the link resolver - can be implemented in order to check directly from the program whether a required document is available in full text, in the library or by interlibrary loan.


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