Library Fuchs

Collage from programme booklets of the Library Fuchs

In over 50 years A. Fuchs has built up one of the largest privately owned collections of first-rate sources on the history of German-language film, as well as film in Germany in general. The film library with secondary literature of the past one hundred years perfectly complements the holdings of the UB Erfurt. Especially the film programs and distribution catalogs not available in regular bookstores, as well as journals and some historical film posters, make up the special significance of this collection: they are hardly available in public libraries.

The preservation and provision of these sources is an important task that the library is happy to take on. Thanks to long-standing contacts between the University of Erfurt's academic researcher and the collector, it was possible to acquire part of the Fuchs Collection for the University Library in 2013. Further important books and materials could be added to the collection through a donation from his son. The items of the collection "Bibliothek Fuchs" (link to title list) are listed on the online catalog.

As a researcher on the subject at the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Patrick Rössler (Communication Science), together with a student working group and the library's subject librarians, has since been involved in making the holdings accessible and evaluating them in a suitable form for scholarly and public interest. A first exhibition in the summer of 2014 dealt with the film of the 1950s and its visualization in the film programs of the era.

The acquisition of this collection on film journalism was made possible by financial support from various sides and a grant from the Thuringian State Chancellery.