Electronic books

General, Access

E-books are publications available on the Internet that can be accessed and read mainly in the PDF or HTML format. E-books acquired or licensed by Erfurt University Library can be used free of charge from all internet-computers (including wireless) on the campus of Erfurt University and Gotha Research Library. Off-campus access is possible 

  • without restriction for electronic resources free of charge (e.g. publications by members of Erfurt University)
  • to all members of Erfurt University via Shibboleth


Please consider copyright regulations and terms of use of every provider or you may be held liable in case of abuse.




Most electronic books can be searched in the  Online-Catalogue of Erfurt University Library and the  Search Portal Discovery. Please use the advanced search function in the Online-catalogue or the Union Catalogue (GVK). Combine your search terms with the material selection “online resources (without periodicals)”. You can use "filter" or "analyse set" to refine your search.
In the Search Portal Discovery you may refine your search with type "electronic" and formats "book".


The e-book collection of the library consists of: