University Bibliography (test system)

The University of Erfurt participates in the joint project "Thüringer Universitätsbibliographie" of the "Kooperationsverbund Thüringer Hochschulbibliotheken (ThHoBi)". The new publication management system catalogues the scientific output of Erfurt University researchers. Primarily, the records will be added to the system via automatic imports from external data sources. In addition, the system is able to provide an open access monitoring, analyze the research output and create publication lists. Currently, the system is still in the test phase at the University of Erfurt. We will inform you about changes.


University bibliography home page (test view)
Open access monitoring (test view)
Registering a publication (test view)

University Bibliography (system currently in use)

Since 1994 the University Library has been recording publications by members of the University of Erfurt in the University Bibliography. The decisive factor here is that the publications were and are reported to the University Library.

The university bibliography lists:

  • Monographs
  • Articles from collective works or journals
  • Reviews

For holdings we provide you with a link to the record in our online catalogue and for electronic publications we link to the full text.

Your assistance is welcome and quite simple: Please notify us of your publications via e-mail and, in the case of printed media, please lend us your copy temporarily so that we can record the data for library purposes. In this way you contribute to a complete record of the research output of the University of Erfurt.

For further information, please contact the Media Processing Department by e-mail

Access to the university bibliography