Course reserve collections

[Translate to English:] Regal mit einem Semesterapparat

Important media for current courses may be set up in a course reserve collection. 

These items have the status "Semesterapparat" on the Online-Catalogue / Discovery  Media from a course reserve collection are not for loan. 
Each course reserve collection has a number giving information on the location (e.g. SEM 1011):

First number  -->  Location
0    UB Erfurt, EG
1    UB Erfurt, 1. OG
2    UB Erfurt, 2. OG
5    FB Gotha, LS
6    FB Gotha, SLS

For teaching staff

In order to apply for a course reserve collection for a semester, please fill in the application form (German only) and submit it together with the required media at the issue desk or the information desks of UB Erfurt.

Note: For technical reasons, please do not use umlaut (vowel mutation) but the letter without dots, e.g. Muller instead of Müller.



Information Services
Contact: Antje Boon
(Erfurt University Library)