First aid - Clearing the library

Behaviour in case of danger

  • Keep calm
  • Take measures for self-protection
  • Inform library staff and others
  • If necessary, activate the fire alarm (break the window).
  • Provide first aid: remove the injured person from the danger area - keep calm - look after the person until help arrives.
  • Suitable first aid material is provided in the first aid boxes at the counters on the ground floor and on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Evacuation in case of fire or emergency

  • If the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately!
  • Even if the danger is not visible to you - be a role model for others.
  • Do not use lifts! The emergency exits are marked.
  • Mobility-impaired persons go near the stairs and draw attention to themselves.
  • After evacuation, keep the entrance doors clear.
  • Go to the assembly point (meadow in front of the library) and look out for people you know.
  • The building will be cleared by rescue workers as soon as there is no longer any danger.

What you can do immediately

  • Be aware of your learning environment, remember where fire extinguishers and emergency exits are located.
  • You will find firealarms on every floor, including near the stairs and the lift.
  • The University Library appreciates your active participation.
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