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The University of Erfurt is a partner of the  Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management, which provides information and materials on the subject of "Research data management in Thuringia" on its website. Here on site we advise all members of the University of Erfurt as well as members of the Thuringian universities of applied sciences from the areas of humanities, economics and pedagogy on all aspects of research data management that emerge during research.
The Research Data Management Service located at the library works closely with the Research and Graduate Service and the URMZ. We cooperate with the data protection officer and establish the contact for the publication services of the Electronic Text Center.

For your project,  we would be happy to bring the right partners together.


We offfer consultation services on the following topics

  • FDM-related support for funding / project applications
  • Creation of a data management plan
  • Finding and citing research data
  • Publication of research data, licenses and persistent identification
  • Securing and archiving of research data

Thuringian RDM Days 2023

Flyer der Thüringer FDM Tage 2023

The Thuringian RDM Days were launched in 2019 by the the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management to raise awareness of the topic of research data management and its many facets throughout Thuringia. On June 20  and 24, 2023, the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management will host the Thuringian FDM Days 2023,  in the proven purely virtual format . 

We would like to start with an introductory event on the topic of research data management, which is aimed at all Thuringian researchers regardless of their level of qualification.

After a lunch break, we present how Thuringia is involved in supporting researchers in the state and what opportunities you have to use these services. Among other things, there will be a small retrospective of the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management. What have we achieved and experienced in 5 years and where do we want to go in the future? We will also give you a peek the "new" projects and initiatives in the country.

  • What do data stewards do and who can use their services?
  • What has happened to RDM at the universities of applied sciences?
  • How is the development of the Thuringian research data repository REFODAT progressing?
  • What is happening in Thuringia when it comes to long-term archiving?

We will also introduce you to the projects and winners of the Fairest Datasets Award 2023.

In the morning of the second day of the Thuringian RDM Days, we introduce you to the wide range of Germany-wide subject-specific offers on RDM. In addition to the services offered by the Specialised Information Services, 4 consortia of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) as well as the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW) and the Information Centre for Life Sciences (ZBmed) will be presenting.

The afternoon is dedicated to legal aspects of research data management. The first talk provides an introduction to legal aspects of research data management. The following talk presents the basics of data protection as well as two tools (iVas) , which help to decide whether data protection and legal aspects are relevant in the research project.

Click here to register.

"Basically FAIR!"TKFDM announces 4. FAIRest Dataset Award

On the occasion of the Thuringian RDM Days 2023, the Thuringian Research Data Management Competence Network is sponsoring the fourth "FAIRest Dataset" Award.

We are looking for: the FAIRest dataset in Thuringia

Have you or your research group published a dataset that complies with the FAIR principles? Then take part in the fourth FAIRest Dataset Award! The Thuringian Research Data Management Competence Network (TKFDM) awards prize money of up to 2000 Euros to the dataset that best implements the FAIR principles. The FAIR principles were published in 2016 and are intended to help improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of research data.

Award ceremony as part of the Thüringer FDM-Tage 2023

The winners will be announced during the Thüringer RDM Days 2023 and will have the opportunity to present their institution and their project. This year the motto is "Back to Basics - Forschungsdatenmangement an Thüringer Hochschulen" and the event will take place from June 19st to June 23th at university locations in Thuringia. More information on the Thuringian RDM Days 2023 will follow soon.

Conditions of participation

From February 15th to April 30th, 2023, all scientists at Thuringian universities have the opportunity to submit their published datasets, provided that they did not already receive the award in any previous FAIRest Dataset competitions. The submitted datasets are evaluated by the members of the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management on the basis of the FAIR principles.

More information about the competition and the terms and conditions of participation can be found here.


  • The Deutsche National Bibliothek (DNB) announces a fellowship progamm for digital humanities  (Deadline 30. April 2022)
  •  DFG Specification of Requirements Relating to the Handling of Research Data in Funding Proposals. It will now be mandatory for proposals to include details (cf. Ckecklist) 
  • The DFG Priority Programme 1859 "Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behavior", the Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin have founded the open access repository and research data hub "Emporion" together. .It is intended to promote free, standard-compliant publication – in particular based on the FAIR principles – of socio-historical research data (e.g. time series, statistical and panel data, text mining analyses) and data papers and is also available for contributions from corporate, environmental and technical history.  [further Information]




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