PC and terminals

Spread over all floors, the library has terminals and PCs for academic work.
The terminals can be used differently: with a personal login for students and staff of the University of Erfurt and via an anonymous login (link in the login window) for guests and external users. The available applications differ depending on the access.

Terminals, Access for externals and guests (all library users)

  • online catalogue, the Discovery search portal and online interlibrary loan
  • intranet (homepage of the library and Erfurt University, e-mail of the university)
  • electronic resources of the library
  • Selected use of the Internet  (for research, teaching, learning, school, further education, general scientific work and information)
  • MS Office, Libre Office, Adobe Reader
  • Citavi
  • Geogebra

The use of USB sticks is possible. Print jobs cannot be sent. 

Terminals, Access with personal login

  • unlimited use of the Internet
  • Microsoft Office, Libre Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Citavi
  • EndNote
  • SPSS
  • Special applications (mathematics, statistics and transliteration): Eviews11, f4transcript, Mangold Interact, MATLAB R2020a, Mplus, Stata, Geogebra

In case of any problems concerning personal login and password please contact the IT-Centre/URMZ.

The use of USB sticks is possible. Print jobs can be sent from the terminals and collected from all multifunction devices in the building.

PC in the multi-media-centre

PC with high performance equipment and multi-media applications are available in the multi-media centre. Students and staff of Erfurt University get access with their personal login and password.

The software packages include:

  • Microsoft Office (spreadsheet, word processing, creation of presentations and databases), Libre Office, Notepad++
  • Citavi, Endnote
  • Adobe Acrobat to create PDF documents
  • Various multimedia players (e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player)
  • SPSS and other specific software (GeoGebra, Gretl, JASP, Matlab)

The use of USB sticks is possible. Print jobs can be sent from the computers and collected from all multifunction devicesin the building.

Portable devices and WLAN

You can use all private laptops and other mobile devices (e.g. netbook, tablet PC, smartphone, e-book reader) in the library. Sockets for power supply are available at most working places.

Members of Erfurt University as well as members of other institutions participating in eduroam get access to the Internet by WLAN. It is available throughout the library.

At designated places (marked "LAN") on the ground floor, as well as on the first and second floor, there is also the possibility to use the internet with a LAN cable and a personal notebook. (see News "With your own cable to the internet")

For more information and help please contact the IT-Centre/URMZ.

Saving data

USB sticks
You can use USB sticks on all terminals and PC workstations. Before starting please note:

Activation and display:
Connect to terminal or PC. In Windows Explorer the "Removable Disk" drive is displayed in the "Computer" area. Open and manage files here or in the respective application.

Safe removal:
For safe removal please close session first before removing stick. Otherwise data may be lost.