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University of Erfurt joins Wiley transformation contract

Like many other universities in Germany, the University of Erfurt has joined the second edition of the transformation agreement negotiated by the so-called DEAL consortium with the international academic publisher Wiley. The framework agreement covers the years 2024 to 2028.

This means that during this period, members and affiliates of the University of Erfurt will not only have access to this comprehensive journal portfolio, but also the opportunity to publish their research free of charge and make their findings available Open Access.

The new Wiley transformation agreement comes a big step closer to the goal of transforming publication operations towards full Open Access availability of research results in that it replaces the previous payment instrument of subscription, which was linked to closed access, with a publication fee for each individual Open Access article. These fees are paid centrally by the university library. This significantly reduces the burden on authors and allows them to concentrate on the content of their publications.

Further information on publishing agreements for open access publishing, which the University of Erfurt has joined, can be found on the Erfurt University Library website.

further information / contact:

Dr. Franziska Wein
Head of Department Collection Development / Electronic Publishing
(Erfurt University Library)
Universitätsbibliothek (UB) / room 054