Technical equipment

Computing facilities

Eine Studentin sitzt vor einem Rechner in der Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Erfurt

Terminals and PCs are available on all floors throughout the library. You can write texts, search the Internet, library catalogues and databases and reuse the data by printing or saving them on USB sticks.

At most working places it is possible to plug in laptops and other electronic devices. WLAN is available throughout the building for members of eduroam.

Copying, printing and scanning

Multifunktionsgerät zum Kopieren, Drucken und Scannen

Multifunctional devices for copying, scanning and printing are available at various locations in the library. Payment is by copy card/thoska or coins (device in the textbook collection).

For book-friendly scanning, there are several overhead scanners located on all floors.


scanner for gentle book scanning
scanner for gentle book scanning
Aufwerter, Intercard-Gerät
Cash and copy card replenisher