Conduct in the library

Coats or similar overclothing, bags, umbrellas and luggage may not be taken into the reading room area. Please use our lockers on the ground floor.

You can bring your own working materials, books or laptops in the baskets provided or buy one of our library bags at the information desk in the entrance hall.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the reading room area. Exception: water in transparent, re-sealable bottles can be taken into the reading room area (with the exception of the special reading room). Other beverages such as coffee, tea, lemonade and other containers (thermos flaks, coffee cups, etc.) are not allowed. Please use the cafeteria on the ground floor for eating and drinking.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire building including the cafeteria.

Animals must stay outside.

To make sure everyone can concentrate on their work, please speak quietly – also in the entrance hall and on the stairs – and switch off your mobile devices.

Many thanks!

Library Rules