CEREB Research Week 2024



CEREB Profil

At the CEREB we combine scientific theory and empirical methods in their work in order to answer important social questions. We take advantage of synergies of interdisciplinarity and cooperate with international research facilities. We work in the fields of behavioral economics, econometrics, psychology, individual and group decision making, educational research, and economics of education.

We are working in different application areas on the measurement, the development and improvement of decision competence. Decision competence is an interdisciplinary and overarching research concept. It relates to individual decision processes and to structures and situations that enable people to achieve their aims effectively using good decision-making.  For the measurement of decision competence a variety of models are discussed, ranging from full rationality through adaptive decision-making (bounded rationality, calculated rationality, fast and frugal heuristics) to subjective and social criteria of good decision-making. The development of decision competence over the life space focuses also on individual differences between people. The concept of decision competence informs also training and decision support aids in applied research.