Step-by-step instruction

  1. For Android 7 or lower download the app from the Google PlayStore. For Android 8 or higher download the geteduroam app from the Google PlayStore (please note that it can't be downloaded via the "gast-ue"-WLAN)
  2. Connect your device with the "gast-ue"-WLAN (do not log in!) 
  3. Got to the following page: 
  4. This page automatically recognizes your operating system and offers you the correct file for download. (Achten Sie auf die richtige Heimateinrichtung)
  5. Open the file with the eduroam CAT app or the geteduroam app
  6. Enter your username and password and go to install to complete the setup
IT Service Desk
Service area
(University Computer and Media Center)
Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ) / Room 0.11