Load money

You can only pay with the student identity card (thoska) after you have loaded your "electronic purse". For this purpose, EC reloaders are available in the cafeteria and in the library. In addition, you can top up cash in the cafeteria. With the cash card you can load an amount from a minimum of 10 to 60 euros, a cash deposit is possible from as little as 5 euros. The deposited amount of money will be assigned to the shadow account of the thoska and held in safekeeping by the Thuringian Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk).

  • EC revaluator: Please insert the thoska card (thoska) into the slot without the protective cover. Please follow the instructions on the display. Select the amount of money, confirm it and then enter your EC PIN number.
    • Barrier-free: In the cafeteria, an EC valuer is located at a lower level so that it can also be used by wheelchair users.
  • Cash reloader: The student identity card (thoska) should be inserted into the slot provided without the protective cover. After entering the recharge amount (minimum 5 euros), pay the desired amount in cash and matching. Please note that you cannot pay with coins.

You can find an overview of all thoska (thoska) station locations here.

Please note that the credit on the card is to be understood like the content of a present wallet. If you lose the card, unfortunately the money is also gone.


When payments are made with the "electronic purse", the cashier debits the funds on the card and on the card user's shadow account in the computer system. In this process, neither data on the purchase or consumption, nor data on the person or matriculation or personnel number are recorded or forwarded. Only the card number, the number of the cash register or terminal and the amount are processed for the booking.


The credit must always be used up. Amounts up to one euro are paid out at the canteen cash desks

Library card

The thoska (Thuringian university and student identity card) can be used as a library card for employees and students of the University of Erfurt. The thoska is recognized by university libraries throughout Thuringia as a library card. It also serves as a copying card.

If you are a member of the University of Erfurt, please contact the library circulation desk to activate your thoska as a library card. Your previous library card must be returned for this and loses its validity.

Initially, there is no obligation to exchange your old library card for the thoska.

Students of the University of Erfurt who start a new course of study receive the thoska as a student identity card (thoska). It is activated as a library card after registration in the library. Students who are already registered in the library can have the thoska activated as a library card if they wish.

In case of loss or theft, you should have the card blocked immediately to prevent misuse by third parties. To do so, please contact the thoska office at the university. To have a new thoska (thoska) activated as a library card, please contact the library's circulation desk.

Time recording

The student identity card (thoska) is used to record the time of all employees affected by the flexitime regulations. If you have any questions about flexitime, please contact us by e-mail at

Printing and copying

All information about printing and copying can be found on this page.