Moodle is an open source software for learning platforms on the internet.


Moodle has been in use at the University of Erfurt since 1.10.2016. Due to its modularity, flexibility, high security and free availability, Moodle has gained wide acceptance in learning communities. The e-learning system Moodle is an open source project and is constantly being developed and improved by a large developer community, which is why it is also very well documented (blog, wiki, web seminars, videos on

You can log in to the learning platformwith your university login and password. The registration takes place via  Shibboleth.

If you do not have the possibility to use Shibboleth with login data of the University of Erfurt, please contact the E-Learning Support.

FAQ for students

Find offered courses

You can search for courses using the search function or browse through the structure designed like the course catalogue.


Participate in Moodle courses

Depending on how the course is set up, you can either enrol yourself with an enrolment key or you will be admitted to the course by the course management. If the enrolment key does not work, please contact the course management.


Log in to moodle

You can log in normally with your university login data. Use either the direct link Uni Erfurt on the Moodle homepage or the registration via Shibboleth on the login page.

Deregister from a course

You cannot deregister from the course yourself. Please contact the instructor or  elearning-support.

Show my courses

After logging into Moodle, all courses you are registered for will be displayed in your dashboard. If you have mistakenly registered in a course, please contact elearning-support.


FAQ Lecturer

Flat-rate payment for online provision of texts extended

Die aktuellen Informationen zum Thema finden Sie auf der Seite "Bereitsstellung von digitalen Texten".


Request new courses

  • Staff and teachers are allowed to apply
  • When selecting the course area, please ensure that your course is correctly classified
  • As soon as we have created the course, you can start creating the content

Can I reuse my old course in the new semester?

Please apply for a new course. Then copy the course content into the new course.


The previous course will then remain (including the registered users) and will be moved to the archive at the start of the new semester.

The procedure for copying course content is described in a  learning video 


Info page of the university

On 30 June 2017, the German Bundestag passed the announced reform of the Copyright Act.

The Copyright Knowledge Society Act (UrhWissG) offers fundamental improvements through clearly regulated general scientific barriers.
The new regulation has been in force since 1st March 2018 and is initially valid for five years.

In particular, there have been improvements in the use of literature in digital termbooks: since March 2018, up to 15% of a written work may be posted. A lump-sum payment is also planned.


Little helps and practical tips for Moodle.

The Youtube channel for Moodle at the University of Erfurt : Moodle at Uni Erfurt


When making copyright-protected material available, you must observe the legal requirements. (Caution is also advised with illustrations of third-party material in PowerPoint presentations).

Rule of thumb: Provide a limited amount of material (pages) for a limited period of time (duration of the course) for a limited group of people (participants of the course).

If you want to present a course online by means of a video recording, you must always have the written consent of the lecturer. If students can also be seen and heard in the video, their consent must also be obtained.

Youtube videos can only be integrated via a still image with a link to Youtube in compliance with data protection regulations.

You need help?

You get help and support via mail: