IT Security Policy

The operation of a university is highly and increasingly dependent on the quality of its IT services, since high-performance research, teaching and administration depend on functional and secure information technology (IT). Many of the university's business processes are already IT-based, and more will follow. Within the framework of integrated information management, business processes and IT services are becoming more and more closely linked. In this context, the use of IT systems leads to an increase in the efficiency of work processes while at the same time significantly improving the range of services offered.

Therefore, "security in information technology" (IT security) is an elementary prerequisite for the University of Erfurt to fulfill its tasks, also with regard to the fulfillment of legal requirements, e.g. in the area of data protection. This IT security guideline therefore applies in conjunction with the data protection guideline and other handouts on IT security and data protection at the University of Erfurt.

IT security guideline of the University of Erfurt as PDF file

IT Security Policy of the University of Erfurt as Word file