Media technology and special technology

Welcome to the media technology website. Here you can find out which Technology (for Secondary Schools) you can borrow from us and how the borrowing works.

You will also find instructions on how to use our media and special technology for your (teaching) event.

Equipment Lending

Who can borrow Technology (for Secondary Schools) from the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ)?

Students and employees of the University of Erfurt are entitled to borrow notebooks and projectors. Students of the University of Erfurt need a confirmation of the lecturer for the loan of notebooks and projectors. Associations and interest groups close to the University can also borrow media technology, but must obtain permission from the Head of Administration. Student interest groups (e.g. university groups) require permission from the respective Dean to borrow equipment.

Please note: It is advisable to reserve equipment in advance via the Service Office or media technology, as only a certain number of items are available. For borrowing, renewals of lending periods or return of equipment, the borrower must appear in person. If the borrower is unable to attend, he/she can give a written power of attorney to the substitute.

What Technology (for Secondary Schools) is available?

General lending

Designation Note
Notebook only with prior arrangement ( )
Projector mobile devices with VGA and HDMI connections (a loan certificate is required for borrowing)
Screen transportable in different sizes
Camcorder various compact devices
Photo camera transportable various devices
Tripods for camcorder or photo camera
active box speakers for laptop
Dictaphones various types
podcast microphone with USB connection

Loan of special technology

Designation Note
Microphone Wired and wireless
Visualizer various types of devices
Audio Recorder various types of devices
Video camera Panasonic HC-X2000
Tripod with video head and center spreader/microphone
public address system incl. wireless microphone
wireless discussion system microphone set for panel discussion
video conferencing system camera + microphone/speaker

The loan of special technology is only possible after prior arrangement and consultation with the media technology. Please contact in advance by mail to: In the case of unannounced borrowing, it cannot be guaranteed that certain equipment will be in stock.

(Teaching) Events: Instructions and hints

Do you need help with the use of lecture hall and event technology at the University of Erfurt? Here you will find appropriate instructions. The list is continuously supplemented:

Quick guides lecture halls

Media technology in the teaching rooms

Media production in the eduroom - workshop for media education


The University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ) offers the possibility to borrow adapters as connection between laptop and beamer (older than HDMI) for the teaching rooms. Further information

Senate hall: Burglar alarm system //Air conditioning or heating system: Please note that the air conditioning and heating system is only switched on when required. Please register your demand one day in advance with the operating technology.

Please note: Assistance or technical advice for hybrid events is provided directly by the media technology colleagues at the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ).

For further questions and information please contact us directly:

Michael Trommer
(University Computer and Media Centre)