Cisco Webex

Besides Adobe Connect, the University of Erfurt also offers various products from Cisco Webex.


Consider your own personal Webex room (where you will be after your first login) as your own conference room.

You will receive an individual link that always stays the same and is easy to remember, so your colleagues will always know where your meetings are taking place. Hold a meeting immediately or copy the URL of the personal room into an e-mail (for Outlook users into an Outlook calendar invitation). Lined up meetings are made easy thanks to personal rooms and you can manage the participants via a lobby.

First steps with your own personal Cisco Webex-room

Privacy policy of the provider

Privacy policy of the University Erfurt

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Webex Meetings

Cisco Privacy-Datasheet

Cisco Data Map


Cisco Privacy-Datasheet

Cisco Data Map

The access for Webex must be requested for by the organiser via e-mail to  support.digitalelehre@uni-erfurt.deYou will then receive an activation email!


Webex Meeting

Share documents, presentations and applications online. Hold your meetings/videoconferences with colleagues, students, research partners or distributed teams - from home or on the road.


First stepps with Webex Meeting as a host

First stepps with Webex Meeting as a participant

First stepps when joining a meeting, event or training session with the Webex Web App (via browser, without app installation)

Introduction and instructions


Webex Teams

Today, projects and innovations are created in a team. Exchange messages with your colleagues, research partners or students in specially created areas, share files, images or screenshots and develop creative ideas - together, anytime and anywhere.


First stepps with Webex Teams

Introduction and guidance


Webex Events

Whether research presentation, employee communication, conferences or web seminar - with the Cisco Webex Events you can reach a large group of participants (several thousand). Chat functions and comment tools also allow interactive communication with your participants in real time.


First stepps when joining a meeting, event or training session with the Webex Web App (via browser, without app installation)

Joining a Webex Event

Introduction and instructions

Webex Training

Experience online training in almost the same quality as face-to-face events. Share documents and presentations during the training. Hold seminars for students or employees from geographically distant locations.


First stepps when joining a meeting, event or training session with the Webex Web App (via browser, without app installation)

Introduction and instructions

Support and instructions for Cisco Webex

FAQ Webex

What is the possibility of setting up an online consultation hour?

  • Select Settings in the personal room, activate the automatic lock, which locks the room for all participants
  • The link of the personal room can be announced for the online consultation hour, a participant always comes into the lobby first and can also inform the owner of the personal room if necessary (receives email)
  • the owner sees the waiting participants in the lobby in his client and can allow them individually, only then they will join the meeting
  • any number of participants can be moved between the meeting room and the lobby

Of course, as before, concrete appointments for consultation hours can also be made and a room can be sent to the person concerned with an invitation. In this case, only these participants will be able to enter the room in which the consultation is taking place at that particular time.

Problems when joining a meeting

Make sure that you do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as your browser! Please only use current versions of FireFox or Google Chrome.


The host's connection is broken and someone else has been appointed as host. According to which criteria does this happen?

If the meeting host disconnects before the host role is transferred, Webex Meetings reassigns the host role in the following order:

  1. Alternative host
  2. Loggin in as a moderator
  3. Loggin in as a participant
  4. Moderators who are not logged in
  5. Participants who are not logged in
  6. Users who dial in via a device

How can I create a meeting as a host?

You can't use the app to set up the event, but you can register as a host at with your account data. There you have the possibility to create a meeting.