Print and copy services

Printing policy of the University of Erfurt

The university's printing policy consists of three independently operated printing systems:

  • Public multifunction devices (or public MFGs for short) that can be used by anyone with a thoska card
  • Multifunctional devices for staff only, which are located in all buildings and can be controlled from all PC workstations. The functions of the service MFG are used with the thoska service ID card or the thoska function cards
  • Desktop and network printers without card use

Private printing or copying is only permitted on the public multifunction devices! Printing or copying of private documents is prohibited on all other devices!

  • Multifunction devices all have the functionalities of printing, copying and scanning
  • thoska chip cards like ID cards or Function cards are used to allocate the costs for prints, copies or scans to the service MFG or public MFG to the cost centre
  • The thoska copy card and the ID card can be used to print, copy or scan privately at public MFGs at charge (credit on the thoska card needed)