Storage of the student identity card (thoska)

The student identity card (thoska) is a high-tech product that must be handled with care. It is issued with a protective cover, which is especially designed to protect the very sensitive rewritable TRW strip. If the protective sleeve ever breaks, you are welcome to pick up a new one at the thoska (thoska) office. It is strongly recommended that you keep the card in the protective sleeve to protect it from damage. You can show the card with protective cover and also use contactless. Of course, using the terminals to add value to the electronic wallet or to make payments requires that the card be removed from the protective sleeve and inserted into the slot provided.

Please avoid bending or slightly permanently curving the card (e.g. in a trouser pocket), as this may break the contacts on the card. Furthermore, the card should not be exposed to chemical influences (e.g. washing machine) or higher temperatures (storage in the car in summer). This will jeopardize the functioning of the TRW strip. Heavy soiling of the card impairs both the function of the TRW strip and the readability of the personal data on the card.