Data privacy

Functions of data privacy

  • Advising the university management, employees and data subjects on all data privacy issues
  • Contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities
  • Training of university staff and administrators
  • Monitoring duties: Monitoring and advising on data protection impact assessment, monitoring and advising on processing directory, monitoring compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Guidelines for data protection organisation at the University of Erfurt

The data protection guideline describes the measures taken by the University of Erfurt to ensure the security of personal data in particular, as well as the contact persons available for questions regarding data protection.

Data protection officer

N. N.
Data Protection Officer
(University of Erfurt)

Deputy Data Protection Officer

Deputy Data Protection Officer
(University of Erfurt)
C07 - Lehrgebäude 2 / Raum 130d

Working Group on Data Protection and Information Security (AG-DIS)

Against the background of the IT security incident at the University of Giessen in December 2019, the working group on data protection and information security was founded at the University of Erfurt. The working group is composed of the chancellor, the information security officer, the data protection officer, the IT security officer or head of the URMZ, representatives from the D1 and D2 departments and the legal department.


Tasks and objectives:

  • Awareness raising through staff training, flyers, data protection day, etc.
  • Regulated risk management (reporting channels, workflows, response team)
  • Documentation of the security strategy and measures
  • Continuous improvement process

Further information:

Recommendation of the HRK: Information security as a strategic task of university management