data protection

Even before the introduction of the thoska chip card, a service agreement on the introduction and operation of information systems with chip card use was concluded between the President and the Staff Council with the involvement of the data protection officers, which in particular contains regulations on the protection of the personal data of all employees. Section 7 of this service agreement sets out the rights and obligations of employees. Among other things, it states that every employee has the right to "view the data stored on his or her chip card and exclusively the data relating to his or her person stored in the CIS (chip card information system)". In the thoska office, the data can be read from your card and the data can be displayed in the CIS.

The name, first name and academic title as well as a passport photo are legibly printed on the chip card. No personal data is stored on the chip of the card. In addition to technical card data, the CardOwnerID, the end date of the card's validity, the discount key, the library number, the access number, the time recording number and the number of the employment office are stored on the chip. Only the CardOwnerID is a number that can be related to a person, since a date is encoded in it that establishes the reference to the person in the personnel database. This date is required for validation.