Lost / Found

You have lost your student identity card (thoska)

If you have lost your service card, have it blocked immediately. The University of Erfurt accepts no liability for the misuse of lost cards.

You can block your student identity card (thoska) in three ways:

  • Sending an e-mail from your official e-mail account to thoska@uni-erfurt.de.
  • by telephone (0361/737-5858), stating your first name, surname and place of employment
  • in person at the University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ) service area (KIZ, R0.11).

As soon as your message is received by the thoska Service Office, the card will be blocked in the system and the Studierendenwerk and the library will also be informed. The money on a lost card is gone unless an honest finder turns in the card.

A handling fee of 10 EUR will be charged for replacement of a service card in case of loss/theft or damage due to improper handling.

You have recovered your student identity card (thoska)

Recovered student identity cards (thoska) can be unblocked at the Service Office. Experience shows that the unblocking process at the Studierendenwerk takes one to two days. After unblocking, your card should work as usual.

If you have had a new thoska card issued in the meantime, the found card will not be reactivated. The existing credit can be transferred to your new card by the thoska Service Office.

You have found a foreign student identity card (thoska)?

Please hand in the card at the thoska Service Office, at the guard of the University of Erfurt or at the counter of the Erfurt University Library