FAQ for employees

How does the personal data get on the service card?

The data for personalization of the student identity card ( thoska ) are automatically transferred from the personnel database. I.e., only if the certificate on the acquisition of an academic degree (Dr.), an academic title (Prof.) or on the award of an academic title (PD, apl. Prof., Honorary Prof.) has been submitted to the personnel department for inclusion in the personnel file, an up-to-date imprint can be made on the thoska.

What personal data is stored on the chip of the student identity card (thoska)?

For information on data protection, please visit the data protection page

Where does the passport photo for the service card come from?

Since the thoska has an identification function, a passport photo must be included on the service ID card. We ask all employees to provide a passport photo (it does not have to be a passport photo from the photographer). You can do this in three ways:

  1. You send a digital passport photo (in color) to the thoska office(thoska@uni-erfurt.de)Note: In order for us to match the picture to the correct person, please send the picture from your on-duty email address.
  2. You will present a passport photo for scanning at the thoska (thoska) office, which you can take back afterwards.

Employees can specify in an e-mail to the thoska office that the passport photo on their recruitment documents is to be used for the student identity card (thoska).

Why do I have to take my thoska service card (thoska) to the cafeteria?

The Studierendenwerk grants employees the employee rate only upon presentation of their service ID. You can also use the "electronic wallet" to pay. In this case, you will also be charged the employee price, as a code on the chip of the thoska ) characterizes the status as an employee of the university.

How long is my service card valid?

The service card of temporary employees is valid until the end date of the term.

For permanent employees, the service card is valid for 4 years from the validation date. Validation is performed at the same time the ID card is produced or when the contract is renewed in the Human Resources Department. In the future, the university will also hang a validation machine where the validity can be extended in self-service, as far as the contract with the university is still continued.

What is meant by personalization of the student identity card (thoska)?

Personalization of the student identity card ( thoska ) is the step of card production in which the personal data is printed on the card blank, the picture is applied and the data is written on the chip. After this step, the card is registered in the card management system with the card data (without personal data!).

You can find more on the subject of data protection here

What happens during the validation of the student identity card (thoska)?

Validation is the process of determining the validity of the card. This process works only with a previously personalized card. Validation takes place in the thoska office, but it can also be done in self-service at the validation machine. During the validation process, the CardOwnerID is used to read the expiration date and the number of the place of employment from the personnel database, and from this the validity of the thoska is determined (see also "How long is my service card valid?") and newly printed on the TRW strip of the card and written on the chip.

As a professor, I used to send my assistant to the library with my library card to borrow or renew books for me. Will I have to give the assistant my library card in the future?

No, you should not. If you want the auxiliary to continue working for you with your library card in the future, you should continue to use the previous library card and not activate the library number on the thoska (thoska) service card. In any case, the previous HA library card is still required for borrowing items from quick reference collections.