Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a collection of online services and the classic Office applications. These are now called Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise and will replace the Office versions 2016 and 2019 currently in use at the University of Erfurt.

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General information

Under the leadership of the UniRZ of the TU Ilmenau, all Thuringian universities have joined the new "Microsoft Campus and School Subscription Framework Agreement" between the Leibniz Computing Center (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the company Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited as part of the work of the University IT Center of the Thuringian Universities.

This so-called Federal Contract 3.0 is seen by Microsoft as a hybrid contract for the transition to the cloud. For users of Microsoft products, this means that licensing will in future be personalized and no longer by license key (KMS activation). The prerequisite for the official use of Microsoft products will therefore be registration as a user in the new Microsoft Tenant of the University of Erfurt.

Initially, employees and students of the University of Erfurt are licensed in accordance with §21, Paragraph 1, ThürHG.

The software and services are to be used exclusively for study-related or official purposes or for student or official projects.

Use for commercial or private purposes is not provided for in the license terms. Only personal, non-transferable licenses are provided. Users are only entitled to use the software and services during the licensed period. To use the services, personal data from our local user directory will be transferred to Microsoft.

All software must be deleted or services can no longer be used if the University of Erfurt terminates the contract or does not submit an accession or renewal order before the end of the licensed period or does not purchase licenses for an unlimited period of time.

Changeover to the new contract starting in May 2021:

  • Technical and organizational measures
  • June 2022: Pilot phase with synchronization of user and device data and installation of the new Office version (Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise) on the service devices in the URMZ.
  • Planned from August/September 2022: activation for registration for students
  • From September 2022 at the earliest: include other areas

(Planned) use of the offer

The software and services are used in accordance with the current version of the Product Provisions (PT), the Online Services Provisions (OST), and the Data Protection Addendum for Online Services (DPA).

These are available at

Use of the Software and Services is also subject to the terms of the Campus and School Agreement (CASA), including but not limited to limitations of liability, disclaimer of warranties, and exclusion of remedies and claims.

Use requires status as a student or employee of the University of Erfurt and registration with Microsoft.

The software is offered in the form of a subscription and gives users the option of installing the Office products on any number of devices (official and private; Windows, Macintosh) for use, for official purposes. Simultaneous login to Office with the M365 account is limited to a maximum of 5 devices. Cloud services, such as OneDrive, Teams, Planner, etc. are included in this offer. However, the University of Erfurt reserves the right to offer users only a selection of software and services or to restrict individual functions of the software and services. The use of individual software and services is regulated in detail by usage guidelines.


Registration and license assignment is done centrally by the URMZ. All employees are automatically provided with a license.

Installation on supported devices is done centrally via URMZ distribution.


Use requires status as a student of the University of Erfurt and registration (opt-in) for Microsoft 365.

You can register here: [Activation for registration for students is planned for August/September 2022 at the latest].

Home Use Program:

Through the Home Use Program, you will have the opportunity to receive discounted pricing on select Microsoft365 subscriptions as well as Surface devices and accessories.


Privacy notices can be found in draft form here:

Other questions?

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