Identity card and semester ticket

The thoska card is your personalized student id card. On the front, your personal photo, name and matriculation number are shown.

During the first and each subsequent validation, the information about the existing semester ticket +VMT together with the validity period is printed on the thermal strip at the bottom of the front of the card. The semester ticket+VMT currently includes:

  • public transport ticket for trams and buses of Erfurt
  • train ticket for trains of the local traffic of the Deutsche Bahn in Thuringia in the 2nd carriage class and in the trains of the Erfurter Bahn GmbH and the Süd-Thüringen-Bahn
  • ticket for buses and trams for the most cities in central thuringia (VMT-ticket)

You can find more informations on the websites of the Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk)


Your student id card can also be used as a library card. It is recognised as a user card by university libraries throughout Thuringia and also serves as a copy card.

If you are a member of the University of Erfurt, you can activate your thoska as a library card at the lending desk of the library. 

If the card is lost or stolen, you should have it blocked immediately to prevent misuse by third parties.
In this case: please contact the thoska service office via  thoska@uni-erfurt.de

Payment function

The thoska card serves as a electronic wallet and can be used, for example, to pay in the canteen. If you want to pay with your thoska card, you have to load money onto the card.

No data on purchase or consumption, nor data on the person or matriculation or personnel number are recorded or forwarded. Only the card number, the number of the cash desk or terminal and the amount are processed for the booking.


Loading money onto the card

You can only play with your thoska card as long as you have money inside your "eletronic wallet". EC revaluators are available in the cafeteria and in the library. You can also top up cash in the cafeteria. With the money card you can load an amount of at least 10 to 60 euros, cash deposits are possible from 5 euros. The amount paid in is assigned to the shadow account of the thoska and kept by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.


  • EC-Reader: Please insert the thoska card without the protective cover into the slot. Please follow the instructions on the display. Select the amount of money, confirm it and then enter your EC-PIN number.
    • Accessibility: In the cafeteria an EC-value card is placed lower so that it can be used by wheelchair users.
  • Cash replenisher: The thoska card is to be inserted into the slot provided without a protective cover. After entering the reload amount (at least 5 Euro), you pay the desired amount in cash and in a suitable manner. Please note that you cannot pay with coins.

An overview of all thoska station locations can be found here

Please note that the balance on the card is to be understood as the contents of a physical wallet. If you lose the card, unfortunately the money is also gone.


The credit balance has to be used up . Amounts up to one Euro will be paid out at the canteen cash desks

Printing and copying

Printing concept of the University of Erfurt

[Translate to English:] Bedienfeld eines Multifunktionsdruckers

The university's printing concept consists of three independently operated printing systems:

  • Public multifunction devices(or briefly public MFD), which can be used by everyone who has a thoska card
  • Multifunction devices for service operation, which are located in all buildings and can be controlled from all PC workstations. The functions of the service MFD are used with your thoska card or the thoska function cards
  • Workstation and network printers without card use

Private prints or copies are only permitted on the public multifunction devices! Printing or copying private documents is prohibited on all other devices!

  • All Multifunction devices can do printing, copying and scanning
  • thoska cards or function cards serves to allocate the costs for prints, copies or scans to the service MFG or public MFG to the cost centre
  • With the thoska copy card and the service ID card can be printed, copied or scanned at public MFG privately at the expense of the electronic purse (credit on the thoska card)

Questions about how to use it?

More information about how to use the MFD can be found on this website!