According to the online application portal I am already enrolled. When will I receive my student documents?

After enrolment you will receive your student card (thoska) together with your first master data sheet and further information by mail. A prerequisite for the creation of your student identity card is the upload of a passport photo via the  online application portal. If you are unsure whether you have already uploaded the passport photo, you can simply repeat the upload by uploading your photo again. 


If you have any problems with the passport photo upload, please send an e-mail tostudierendenangelegenheiten@uni-erfurt.de.  

Can I validate my thoska at other Thuringian universities?

No, validation can only be carried out at the appropriate machines at the University of Erfurt.


Here you find an overview of all locations of the validation machines

When can I start using my thoska, e.g. in the canteen?

The use is only possible from the beginning of the course. The validity period is printed on the lower strip of the thoska after  inistial validation.

I need a new thoska, how can I request one?

In the event of loss/theft or name changes after marriage, a new card must be applied for. This is done locally in the thoska office or serivce desk. The following steps are necessary for a new issue:

  1. Apply for a new thoska exhibition (at the thoska office or service desk)
  2. Transfer of the reissue fee to the account details listed on the application.
  3. Upload a passport photo. (Login with university account on https://sulstat.uni-erfurt.de )
  4. As soon as the new thoska card is ready, you will receive an email from us and can then pick it up at the thoska office or service desk upon presentation of an official photo ID.

With the application for a new thoska, the old card is blocked in all connected systems. The application for re-issuance cannot be withdrawn. If the old card is retrieved after loss, it will not be unblocked again. In any case, the new card must be collected from the thoska office. Any remaining credit on the retrieved card can be transferred to the new card.

Can I validate my thoska outside regular opening hours?

In exceptional and emergency cases - e.g. when the vaild thoska is needed as access to the hall of residence - it is possible to go to the security guard in the entrance area. After showing your thoska, a guard will gladly allow you to enter one of the buildings so that you can validate your thoska.