Rules of use KIZ pools


Terminal pools 1-4 in the KIZ can be used freely from 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, provided there is no course in the pool. Deviations from the opening hours will be announced in good time on our website. The current opening hours can be found here

Prior registration to use the pools is not required. Reservation of a pool is possibleby arrangement with the Service Office via e-mail.

admission qualification

Usually, the pools in the KIZ are open, provided that no event is taking place in the pool itself. Employees receive key authorization to the pools via the course catalogue if they have an event in one of the pools. Alternatively, you can borrow a key for the pool in question from the Serivce Office. It is not possible to lend keys to students.

Notes on working at the terminal

Each user is fully responsible for all activities that take place under his login name and bears the legal consequences if necessary.

If you only briefly interrupt your work and/or leave the room, please lock your PC (Windows key+L). This will protect you from unauthorized access.

Never save your work locally but always on your network drive H or on a USB stick! Files on the desktop or under C are not saved and will be deleted after deregistration!

Printing documents is possible via the multifunction devices

Behavior in the PC pools

Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the pools! Smoking is prohibited in the entire building! Each user is required to leave the workplace clean and tidy. Garbage must be disposed of immediately!

In case of disregard of the above rules or disturbance of other users, a house ban for the pools is possible!