IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is the central contact point between our users and our staff:

  • is the first point of contact for all questions regarding URMZ services,
  • receives applications for the use of the data centre infrastructure,
  • is the advice centre for user problems (first-level support),
  • receives information on operational problems (software, hardware, network),
  • provides information on organisational details in the IT centre,
  • arranges contact with the user advisory service and the staff of the computer centre (second-level support),
  • administers the computer centre's pool rooms and grants user authorisations,
  • handles registrations for courses offered by the Computer Centre and
  • gives out confirmations of participation in the courses
  • is the central lending point for media technology (except special technology)
  • helps with Thoska problems
  • registers and deregisters (routing slips) and issues and returns the Thoska