E-mail for students

Webmail / IMAP

Convergence provides a webmail client on the server, which can be accessed via https://webmail.uni-erfurt.de/. This means that all functions (mail, address book, calendar, etc.) can be used on computers on which no mail program can be used (e.g. in Internet cafes, foreign computers).  

Each student receives a mail account upon enrolment. You will be able to access your mailbox directly via the web-based login. When you register for the first time, please note that you have to use your initial password and change it separately from your university account

We recommend Mozilla Thunderbird as your mail program but you can also use any other mail program, which supports the integration of IMAP accounts.

The maximum size of mails to send or receive is 20 MB.

Setup on the smartphone/tablet



  1. Go to your settings --> Account --> add account --> IMAP
  2. Enter your e-mail address and continue with manual setup
  3. Choose the account type: IMAP
  4. Enter your e-mail password
  5. The next step is the configuration of the incoming and outgoing server - please take the settings from "Configuration of incoming mail server"/"Configuration of outgoing mail server" below
  6. The installation should then be completed

You may also have to specify how often your e-mails should be retrieved, etc. Please note that the illustrations and the step sequence may differ.


You can find instructions for this operating system here
For the corresponding server settings, please refer to the points "Configuration incoming mail server"/"Configuration outgoing mail server".

Incoming mail server configuration

Servertype: IMAP-Server

Servername: imap.uni-erfurt.de

Port: 143

Username: your login-name

Encryption: STARTTLS bzw. TTLS

Outgoing mail server configuration

Servername: mail.uni-erfurt.de

Port: 587

Username: your username

Password: your password

Encryption: STARTTLS or TTLS

Mailbox szies

Mailbox size (quota)


Employees: 1 GB

Students: 500 MB


I get the message "You do not have write permission, your password cannot be changed" if I want to change my password!

You will receive this error message if you use letters like ä,ö,ü or certain unusual characters in your password. Please use a different password.

I don't see any mail messages!

In your mail program, under "View" -> "Messages as", switch to "Plain text". You should then be able to see the mail contents again.

When logging in via web access, the system stops at X %!

Reload the page or delete the cash from the page by pressing CTRL+F5

How can I send attachments larger than 20 MB to someone else?

To send documents or larger files it is recommended to use Gigamove.