Libanesische Studierende in Erfurt

Trotz der weltweiten Covid-19 Pandemie konnten wir im Sommersemester 2020 drei libanesische Studentinnen in Erfurt begrüßen - herzlich Willkommen!

A trip to Berlin

Here, Lebanese exchange Student Marianne Ghanem shares her memories about a trip to Berlin during her stay in Germany:

"Corona times have made it quite difficult to travel even from one city to another within Germany.
It is useful to know that trains and public transports remain widely accessible even in times of lockdown until this day.
The main problem we faced at the time was that everything was shut down. One would expect fireworks when visiting to Berlin but we, ourselves, did not get the best picture possible of the city, especially that our trip itself was chaotic and not quite a representation of a nice travel experience.
Despite the deception we faced, we got away with doing some few activities. Probably the most interesting of thee was to visit the famous Jew Memorial. Remembrance of such events is always a sensitive subject to discuss but I should say it was extremely interesting to visit such a place with such presence.
We also got to visit one of the city’s museums “Neues Museum” which was beyond impressive with an exposition about ancient Egypt and the exposition of the Bust of Nefertiti. Talking about European museums exposing arts from all around the world sometimes strikes polemics, which is understandable and it is something that personally find revolting. Nevertheless, it was such an ecstatic pleasure to lay eyes upon a piece of history with which I was fascinated since little. Overall, although this trip was not the best, it was some kind of a momentarily attempt of an escape of the monotonous daily struggles we were facing in Erfurt as newcomers."