Thinking Places

Thinking Places: nine films to place thought

Thinking Places is a series of nine scientific films, made with the following principle: coupling, through the language of cinema, a speech given by a scientist that works on inhabited space and a place this scientist has chosen because this place changed him/her.

Each film is based on four elementary rules:
A. The person and the place must be shot simultaneously.
B. The film includes one sequence shot only.
C. The shooting is limited to one take.
D. The filmed place is what the filmed person is talking about.

The Films
1. Béatrice Collignon/Ottawa
2. Jean-François Staszak/Boston
3. John Agnew/Belfast
4. Franco Farinelli/Florence
5. Paola Viganò/Kortrijk + Antwerp
6. Michel Lussault/Lyon
7. Augustin Berque/Imintanoute
8. Susanne Rau/Gran Canaria
9. Jacques Lévy/Seoul

The Team
Camera: Thomas Bataille, Sophie Cadet
Sound: Farzaneh Bahrami, Ogier Maitre
Original Music: Arnaud Laurens
Editing: Julien Téphany
Production : Chôros (Barbara Laurent-Lucchetti, Luana Huguenin, EPFL)
Director : Jacques Lévy

The series is available on Vimeo in English and French.


International Festival of Geography, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (France) on 4 October 2015.


Die 9 Filme wurden auch in dem MOOC "Exploring Humans’ Space: An Introduction to Geographicity" auf edX verwendet. 

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