Während des Studiums ist ein Praktikum in einer international ausgerichteten Einrichtung aus Politik, Wirtschaft oder Gesellschaft zu absolvieren. Hier sollen Sie wissenschaftliche Kommunikationsberatung und Consulting anwenden und in der Praxis erlernen. Das Praktikum schließt an die Vorlesung "Kommunikationsforschung und Wissenstransfer: Akademische Beratung für Politik und Gesellschaft" an, in der Studierende bereits Einblicke in Anwendungs- und Praxisfelder erhalten und mit Vertreterinnen und Vertretern aus der Praxis diskutieren können. Wir unterstützen die Suche nach geeigneten Praktikumsplätzen. 

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Erfahrungsberichte aus dem Praktikum

Photo: Seun Omodara

02/2021 | PUMA Germany

Seun Omodara interned at PUMA Germany:

‘’I am currently having my internship in the ‚Teamsport Licensed’ department at PUMA headquarter in Herzogenaurach, Germany. My team is responsible for the conceptualization, creation, and management of football apparel for our licensed clubs and federations, including Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, and the national teams of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

My role as an intern includes assisting the product line managers in conducting audience and comparative competitor analysis, drafting public relations strategies, assisting in style creation, as well as arranging and managing prototypes for global licensed clubs and national teams. It is very exciting working at PUMA and observing patterns of virtual global business communication in a changing work landscape.

The work culture is diverse and being in such multicultural team has sharpened my intercultural communication skills and equipped me with practical knowledge of communication in international enterprises.“

07/2020 | LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG

Lufthansa Internship Illustration
Photo: Esteban Farías

Esteban Farías interned at LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG in Frankfurt, Germany, for a period of 6 months.

"The main focus of the LSG Group is to provide the best culinary and hospitality experiences to different airlines worldwide. My role as an intern in the global communications department was to support the team in the creation of content such as stories, interviews, photos, and infographics for external and internal communication channels. One of the most interesting stories I wrote was an interview I conducted with a chef in Cairo. "Being a chef during Ramadan in the time of Coronavirus"

Moreover, I also had the opportunity to develop my own research project related to the social network Twitter, in addition to supporting the team in the content for external communication channels, such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Despite the difficulties that 2020 brought with the pandemic, in a way I am grateful to have done an internship during this world crisis, especially in a global communications department. Personally, I consider it a challenging experience that I hope will help me continue building my professional future."

02/2020 | Enquete Commission on Racism and Discrimination in the Thüringer Landtag (Thuringian State Parliament)

Photo: Robert Nagel

Between May and December 2019, Robert Nagel worked as part of the Enquete Commission on Racism and Discrimination for the SPD Parliamentary Group in Thuringia. He contributed to the recommendations for action of the Commission and the composition of the final report.

He was thus able to receive diverse insights on parliamentary processes and on the Thuringian State Parliament.

10/2019 | Marketing Assistant at EMDESK

Svetlana Myagkova, EMDESK Intern
Photo: Svetlana Myagkova

Svetlana Myagkova did an internship as Marketing Assistant at EMDESK in Erfurt. The company provides management software for European research projects. Svetlana’s tasks included website and social media content management as well as advertising and writing articles for the company's blog. She was also responsible for customer relations management. Having completed her internship, Svetlana now continues to work with the company as a working student.

10/2019 | Website and Digital Communication at SOS Children's Village Indonesia

Annisa Fira Amares completed an internship in her home country Indonesia during the semester break:

"I did my internship at SOS Children's Village Indonesia for two months in the Website and Digital Communication team. My main task was the planning for a so-called "Digital Village" campaign which makes the SOS Children's Village accessible to a broad public via Virtual Reality. My tasks also included planning all digital communication activities and create an editorial plan for the campaigns. Doing my internship at this organization gave me the opportunity to meet great people that care deeply about children in Indonesia and experience working in the field of NGO communication."

09/2019 | Public Relations department of the Thüringer Landtag (Thuringian State Parlament)

Photo: Lea Kehring

Lea Kehring did her internship at the Public Relations department of the Thüringer Landtag (Thuringian State Parlament).

„I‘m very happy to be part of such a cool team working on the democracy campaign for the upcoming state election in Thuringia in October. It is very interesting to get deeper insights into the field of PR especially in terms of how to encourage people to go out and vote in such exciting political times!“

The University of Erfurt also supports the campaign „Demokratie: Gute Idee!“.

09/2019 | Marketing Communication Unit of UBE Europe Corporation

Muyiwa Mufutau, Intern at UBE
Photo: Mufutau Kolawole Muyiwa

Mufutau Kolawole Muyiwa interned as Content Specialist at the Marketing Communication Unit of UBE Europe Corporation. He was an integral part of the research, strategic communication and project management team for a global initiative against the food loss and waste crisis. Mufutau was responsible for the formulation of the project’s content strategy, interaction with relevant stakeholders, media pitch, articles for digital platforms and the creation of text for communication materials customized for diverse audiences.

09/2019 | Department of Culture and Communication at the German Federal Foreign Office

Julia Herborn, Intern at the Federal Foreign Office
Photo: Julia Herborn

Julia Herborn recently completed an internship within the Department of Culture and Communication at the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. She was also a part of the associated task force for the planning and organization of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020. Julia assisted with the development of communication structures and strategic communication to foster the country’s foreign policy, as well as event management tasks.