Buddy Programme

In the Buddy Programme you have the opportunity to get to know students from all over the world and in the most varied academical pathways. Yet, for administrative reasons we organize our international students in two groups: exchange and degree-seeking. Here is what you should know:

Exchange students Degree-seeking student
Enrolled in a partner University. Stay in Erfurt through an exchange programme or mobility agreement Enrolled in a Bachelor or Master Degree-programme of the University of Erfurt
Stay for 1 or 2 semesters Stay for the whole duration of their studies (normally 2 – 3 years)
Mostly Bachelor students Bachelor and Master Students
Arrival for winter and summer semesters. Half of the students arrive in March/September, the other in September/October, respectively. Buddies are always needed at the beginning of each month. Arrival mostly for winter semesters. Some arrive in September, but most arrive in the first two weeks of October (a few even later, by the end of October). Very few arrive in summer semesters.

Please note:

  • When filling out the form: When it comes to the availability, let us know at what date you can be in Erfurt to pick up your international student and give them some support. Please be as specific as possible about the date, so that we can match you to a student that will arrive by the time you are in Erfurt.
  • Assignment: If you’re available in September you will most likely be matched with your international student at the end of August, otherwise it can be much later (mid/late September or beginning of October). This is because the registration procedure for international students takes longer than for regular students.
  • Response: It is important for us and the international students to know whether you approve of the matching (and maybe are already in touch with the student); otherwise, we might need to reassign them, so that everybody gets a Buddy.
Students chat in front of the library building
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Please note: Enrolment for the Buddy-programme is possible for only one semester at a time but you may renew it each semester according to your interest and availability.

Data protection notice for the registration form

Please note the data protection information for the Buddy Programme of the International Office (Download as PDF).