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Interning abroad is a chance to prove mobility, language proficiency and practical experience. On top of expanding your professional and language skills you have the unique opportunity to gain an insight into life in another country as well as its culture and job market.

The International Office advises students on financing or organizing an internship abroad using the following programmes:

Internship within the Erasmus programme

The ERASMUS + programme supports internships for students in a host institution in other European countries (excluding EU institutions or institutions that manage EU programmes, as well as diplomatic representations of the students' countries of origin). Funding is possible for a mandatory internship or a voluntary internship between two and twelve months. Graduates can also receive a mobility grant as long as the application was made during their studies.

The University of Erfurt is a member of the regional EU-internship consortium. The application, organization and funding of an ERASMUS internship is organized by the office "EU Internship Thuringia - Service for Students and Graduates of Thuringian Universities". An application for funding must be submitted to the service office  approximately four months before the internship begins. Please also send an e-mail to informing us that you have submitted an application. The e-mail should contain the following information: your name, your study programme, your host country, your placement period.

The forms and information are available on the website of the office "EU Internship Thuringia - Service for Students and Graduates of Thuringian Universities".

DAAD-PROMOS-Programme (managed by the University of Erfurt)

As part of the DAAD PROMOS programme, the University of Erfurt awards grants for internships outside of Europe. The grants are aimed at students whose international projects cannot be funded in any other funding programme (e.g. ERASMUS or other DAAD programme).

Announcement of PROMOS scholarships

Other DAAD scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards internship grants for selected institutions and to students in certain disciplines. You can find more information in the scholarship database of the DAAD.

Scholarship database of the DAAD


AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run internship organization. It is dedicated to enabling young people to experience intercultural exchange. It arranges student internships and projects abroad. The AIESEC group in Jena takes care of the Erfurt students.

Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW)

The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) promotes compulsory internships in France which are recognised or at least strongly recommended as part of the degree programme by the German home university. Bachelor students of all disciplines under 31 years of age can be sponsored for an internship of 1 to 3 months. A permanent residence in Germany is a condition. The scholarship can be cumulated with an internship allowance or another scholarship (except for financial assistance from the German Academic Exchange Service or German-French University).

Within the framework of the "Diversity and Participation" strategy, the scholarship is only awarded to participants who would not be able to complete an internship in the partner country without the support of the FGYO.

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