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The University of Erfurt offers various services as well as financially and ideally opportunities and funding options for researchers in form of different research entities and consultings in your research application.

For all questions in general please contact the staff members of the Research and Graduate Services.

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The Funding News consolidates monthly information on national and European calls for proposals as well as the University of Erfurt’s own research and graduate and funding programmes.

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Visiting scholars at the University of Erfurt

There are two possibilities at the University of Erfurt to obtain the status of an affiliation to the University of Erfurt for a limited period of time within the framework of a guest stay. The granting of this status enables, among other things, the use of services at the university (e.g. the university library or the computer centre).

Assignment as a visiting scholar at the University of Erfurt

At the suggestion of the responsible self-governing unit (Faculty), the President can commission university teachers from other universities or comparably qualified academics to carry out tasks in teaching and research as visiting scholars for a limited period of time. These visiting scholars have a legal relationship under public law of their own kind with the state and receive remuneration. They thereby become affiliated to the University of Erfurt for a limited period of time. Further details are regulated in the respective assignment.

Please contact the respective faculty. Department 2: Human Resources is responsible for implementation.

Contact and advice

If you have any questions, please contact


Granting of the status of a researcher affiliated to the University of Erfurt (without commissioning by the University)

Researchers (e.g. university lecturers or employees at another university or postdoctoral scholarship holders) who are not commissioned by the University of Erfurt as visiting scholars and therefore do not have a contractual relationship with the University of Erfurt, but who wish to come to the University of Erfurt for a visiting stay, can also become affiliated to the University of Erfurt for a limited period of time.

The application for recognition is linked to a form and must be submitted to the President's Office in consultation with a responsible academic contact person (host) and the respective faculty management. Applications for recognition can be submitted for stays of at least four weeks. Exceptions, e.g. due to legal residence requirements, are possible. In this case, please contact Ms. Frank in advance ( The award is then made by letter from the President. Remuneration cannot be paid in these cases.

Please contact the relevant faculty first.

Here you will find the application form. Please send this via e-mail to

If you would like to apply for an extension of your status as an affiliated researcher, please use the application for extension.

Please note the data protection information(only available in German).

Contact and advice

Employee, a.o. Competence-Oriented Personnel Development for Academics
(President's Office and Staff Unit University Development)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Room 1.41