Campus tour

This is the University of Erfurt

A digital walk... The University of Erfurt is a campus university. In contrast to many other universities, teaching and administrative buildings as well as important service and research facilities are not spread throughout the city but are concentrated on the university campus and can therefore be reached quickly.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to all the important facilities and invite you to take a short "tour" of the 192,239 m² site of the University of Erfurt.

360 degree tour of the campus of the University of Erfurt

virtueller Rundgang Uni Erfurt

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Service facilities

Bicycle repair station

[Translate to English:] Fahrradreperaturstation

Whether flat tires or loose screws - you are welcome to use the free bicycle repair station on campus run by the student council. This allows you to make small repairs to the wheels or to inflate the tires yourself.

location: Opposite the library on the side of the Mitarbeitergebäude 2 (C12)

Department 1: Registrar‘s Office

Verwaltungsgebäude, Eingang Studium und Lehre
Studienberatung Studentin Uni Erfurt
[Translate to English:] Studienberatung Uni Erfurt

Department 1: Registrar‘s Office supports students and prospective students in all aspects of studying at the University of Erfurt.

The student advice and counselling advises on topics such as: range of courses, further education, admission requirements, application, admission restrictions/procedures, aptitude assessment procedures and aptitude tests, semester contribution, re-registration, leave semester.

The student affairs department provides support on topics such as: organisation and planning of studies, examination system, taking examinations, notification of sickness, crediting of study and examination achievements and changes of study direction.

location: Verwaltungsgebäude (C02), middle entrance

Erfurt School of Education (ESE)

Lehramtsstudentin schreibt an eine Tafel, Universität Erfurt
Das Hochhaus (Mitarbeitergebäude 1) auf dem Campus der Uni Erfurt
[Translate to English:] Lehramtsstudentin im Praktikum

The Erfurt School of Education combines all tasks of teacher training within the university. It also combines teacher training with research, further education and the promotion of young academics. The Erfurt School of Education creates space for diverse cooperation between all educational institutions in teacher training in national and international networks.

More information:

Erfurt School of Education
Erfurt School of Education bei Instagram

location: Mitarbeitergebäude 1 (C23)

International Office

[Translate to English:] Mitarbeiterinnen des internationalen Büros
Landkarte Afrika und Asien
[Translate to English:] Fremde werden Freunde

The International Office promotes the internationalisation of the University of Erfurt and the development and maintenance of its numerous international co-operations and partnerships. It supports university members in their international activities.

For international applicants and students at the University of Erfurt, the International Office is the first point of contact for application and admission, but also for questions and problems during their studies.

The International Office provides German students and graduates with advice and information on exchange programmes at the University of Erfurt and on study visits and internships abroad. In addition, the staff are always looking for German students to act as tutors for exchange students from abroad.

More information:

International Office

International Office on Facebook

International Office on Instagram

location: Verwaltungsgebäude (C02), right entrance, ground floor

Language centre and self-study centre

[Translate to English:] Studenten im Sprachkurs
[Translate to English:] Studierende am PC
[Translate to English:] Studierende lernen gemeinsam

The Language Centre offers language courses for various foreign languages, which lead students to the language certificates that are compulsory or optionally recommended in the individual courses at the University of Erfurt.

More information:

Language centre

location: Lehrgebäude 1 (C03), 2nd floor

Research and Graduate Services Department

Welt mit Doktorhut
Zwei Köpfe, einer mit Doktorhut
Eine leuchtende Glühbirne

We offer doctoral students and postdocs a comprehensive range of services across all institutions. These include the promotion and development of career paths, expanded services in the university and research library, and academic continuing education programs. The team of the Staff Unit Research and Graduate Service will be happy to advise you.

More information:

Academic career at the University of Erfurt

Career Funding

location: Verwaltungsgebäude (C02), right entrance, ground floor

Room of Silence

Room of Silence

"Room of Silence"

The "Room of Silence" is located in the basement of building C07 (teaching building 2). It is available to members of the student communities and all members of the university who are looking for a place of retreat, e.g. for prayer or contemplation or similar. The "Room of Silence" is also regularly used for meditation exercises.

Service points of the Student services organisation (Studierendenwerk Thüringen)

Studienberatung Studienfinanzierung Studentin Uni Erfurt
Das Hochhaus (Mitarbeitergebäude 1) auf dem Campus der Uni Erfurt
Wohnen in Erfurt

In addition to the services in the student residences, refectories, childcare and financing of studies (BAföG), the Studierendenwerk offers an extensive range of counselling services (legal and social counselling, psychosocial counselling).

Further Information:

Studierendenwerk Thüringen

Studierendenwerk Thüringen on Facebook

location: Mitarbeitergebäude 1 (C23)/ glass box (C24) / info point at the cafeteria (C04)

Services of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen

Vorschaubild Imagevideo Studierendenwerk Englisch

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Start-up service

Silhouette of campus

With a Social Impact Campus, the University of Erfurt would like to promote innovative, responsible and intercultural action - among students and employees alike. The start-up service, located on the 1st floor of staff building 2 (C12), is there to help and advise you.

The services include, for example:

Start-up advice (German only)

Events & teaching (German only)

Inspiration (German only)

University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) / Media technology

Außenansicht des Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (KIZ) der Universität Erfurt
Innenansicht des Kommunikations- und Informationszentrums (KIZ) der Universität Erfurt
[Translate to English:] Hörsaal im KIZ

Important tasks of the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) are to maintain the campus network with the connection to the gigabit science network of DFN, as well as the telecommunication system, the central servers (mail, WWW, DNS, HIS, etc.) and the user directory. Furthermore, the staff members take care of the procurement of hardware and software and the support and lending of media technology (data projectors, AV technology, video conferences).

More Information:

University Computer and Media Center (URMZ)

Media technology

location: Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ) (C21)

Main entrance
Mitarbeitergebäude 1 (C23)
Verwaltungsgebäude (C02)


Erfurt University Library (C16)

Our libraries – Erfurt University Library and Gotha Research Library – combine new beginnings and tradition. With their modern information and media holdings and historical collections, they support research, teaching and studies at the University of Erfurt. They also make their historical collections and special holdings available to national and international research.

To the virtual tour


Die Universitätsbibliothek der Uni Erfurt
Der Eingang zur Universitätsbibliothek der Uni Erfurt
Eine Studentin in der Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Erfurt

Today's university library was opened in 2000 as the "central laboratory of the humanities". Its holdings extend over 750,000 volumes on open access shelves and 400,000 volumes on magazine shelves. The University Library brings together media from all subject areas under one roof and offers sufficient space for reading and working.

More information:

Erfurt University Library
Lesezeichen: Blog of Erfurt University Library


Eine Studentin arbeitet an einem Arbeitsplatz in der Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Erfurt
Eine Studentin sitzt vor einem Rechner in der Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Erfurt
Studierender arbeitet in der UB

The large reading room of the University Library is open to all library visitors and allows them to work with the holdings on site. For library users and members of the university there are also 360 user workstations with PC or WLAN access and 18 carrels available. Workstations with table sockets also allow mobile working. The library building also houses five group work rooms, a lecture room, the media library, the exhibition room and a special reading room.

Searching and finding literature:

OPAC and other catalogues
Datenbases (DBIS)
Elektronic journals

Centrepiece: Bibliotheca Amploniana

Ausschnitt der Musik-Handschrift UB Erfurt, Dep. Erf. CA. 8° 94
[Translate to English:] Der Arzt Constantinus Africanus
Sonderlesesaal UB Erfurt

The Bibliotheca Amploniana is the world's largest collection of manuscripts by a late medieval scholar still largely intact and at the same time one of the most important collections of medieval manuscripts in Germany. Today it is the central segment of the holdings of manuscripts and old prints held in the Special Collection of the Erfurt University Library.

More information: 

Amploniana manuscript collection
further collections

Gotha Research Library (CG1)


Ostflügel von Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha
Münzkabinett in Gotha
Turmsaal in Gotha

The Gotha Research Library is located in Friedenstein Castle in Gotha and is one of the largest German early modern libraries with important collections of manuscripts, old prints and maps. The Gotha Research Centre is affiliated to the library. It sees itself as a centre for early modern research and has the special task of organising conferences and lectures on the basis of the holdings of the research library, as well as serving as a platform for scholarship holders, guest scientists and research projects.

More information:

Gotha Research Library
Blog of the Library
Wissen.Sammeln.Gotha on Facebook
location: Schlossplatz 1, Gotha

Treasury: Gotha Perthes Collection

Eine Gruppe von Forschern im Perthesforum Gotha
Forschung im Perthesforum Gotha
Das Perthesforum in Gotha

The Gotha Perthes Collection was created from the historical holdings of the Gotha-based publisher Justus Perthes. It provides unique source material on the development of cartography and geography in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the coherence and interconnection of its holdings, the collection documents the last phase of the Age of Discovery, during which the interior of the non-European continents and the polar regions were explored.

More information:

Gotha Perthes Collection

A flagship of science and culture in Gotha – Gotha Research Library

Video Gotha Research Library

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Digital user guide: 3D model of the university library

Vorschaubild 3D-Rundgang Bibliothek

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Teaching and staff buildings

Campus School Garden

Blumen im Schulgarten
Reife Kirschen im Schulgarten
Herzlich willkommen im Schulgarten!

Curious and enthusiastic, the children experience developmental and life processes in nature up close and personal in school garden lessons and thus understand how plants, animals, microorganisms, abiotic environmental factors and man himself are networked with each other. The University of Erfurt is the only one in Germany to offer the subject school garden.

Students on the Master of Education – Primary School course of study thus have the opportunity to acquire specialist scientific and didactic skills in a very special subject. In the school garden they can immediately apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ/C21)

Studentin vor dem KIZ
Die Wiese vorm KIZ
[Translate to English:] Hörsaal im KIZ

The new three-storey Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ/C21) enriches the campus of the University of Erfurt with a multi-purpose building. In addition to lecture halls 1 and 2 with 420 and 160 seats, the KIZ also houses the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) with four additional PC pool rooms with 25 workstations each. In addition, extension areas for the library magazine have been realized in the basement and equipped with compact shelves. The building is located on the meadow between the library and Nordhäuser Straße.

University Computer and Media Center (URMZ)

eduroom – Workshop for media education

Workshop for media education

The eduroom is an innovatively designed learning and educational space with excellent media technology, which promotes the media education skills of students and teaching staff. It serves as a (free) space for students and lecturers to try out, explore and test and is located in C07 – teaching building 2, on the 2nd floor.

eduroom – Workshop for media education

Media production room

The media production room is available to students and lecturers for the production of educational media. It is equipped with high-quality media technology for the production of educational and explanatory videos and audio (PC, webcam, microphone, visualiser, loudspeakers, headsets) and is located in C21 – Communication and Information Centre, 1st floor, room 1.08.

Media production room

Arbeitsplatz im Medienproduktionsraum des eduroom - Werkstatt für Medienbildung (Computer, Webcam, Mikrofon, Visualizer, Lautsprecher, Headsets)
Nahaufnahme Mikrofon
Person sitzt am Arbeitsplatz (Computer) im Medienproduktionsraum des eduroom - Werkstatt für Medienbildung

Lehrgebäude 1 (teaching building/C03)

Das Lehrgebäude 1 der Universität Erfurt von außen
Studierende Stawi Staatswissenschaften
Studierende im Hörsaal 3

The Lehrgebäude 1 (LG 1/C03), which borders the Audimax building, is located next to the entrance area of the university. This building houses the following areas and facilities in addition to lecture halls 3 and 4:

Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Language Centre

Lehrgebäude 2 (teaching building/C07)

teaching building 2 (C07) is located to the right of the entrance area of the university and diagonally opposite teaching building 1, where lecture halls 5 and 6 are located and also

the Faculty of Education

 eduroom – workshop for media education

Science education laboratory

practice rooms of the subject area music (C08)

Lehrgebäude 3 "Am Hügel" (teaching building/H1a)

Das Lehrgebäude Am Hügel, Lehrgebäude 3, Fachbereich Kunst der Uni Erfurt
Kunststudenten im LG3
Kunststudentin im LG3

The Lehrgebäude 3 (LG 3/H1a) is located in the middle of the old town of Erfurt, Am Hügel 1, in the former School of Arts and Crafts, a listed Art Nouveau building built in 1904. In this building are:

subject area art

Lehrgebäude 4 (teaching building/C18)

Lehrgebäude 4 auf dem Campus der Universität Erfurt
Das Lehrgebäude 4 auf dem Campus der Universität Erfurt
Eingang zum Lehrgebäude 4 auf dem Campus der Universität Erfurt

The Lehrgeäude 4 (LG 4/C18) is located on the left hand side of the campus, seen from the entrance of the University of Erfurt. In this building you will find the

Faculty of Philosophy

Lehrgebäude 5 "Puschkinstraße" (teaching building/PS19)

Ein Klavier an der Universität Erfurt
Außenansicht der Puschkinstraße in Erfurt
Eine Gitarre

Teaching building 5 (PS19) is located outside the campus at Puschkinstraße 19, and due to the current construction work in Lehrgebäude 3, the subject area music is located here.

subject area music


Teaching buildings of the Faculty of Catholic Theology (D09/D10)

Kreuzgang des Erfurter Doms, Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät der Universität Erfurt
Blick ins Auditorium Coelicum, Domstraße 10, Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universität Erfurt
Außenansicht Erfurter Dom, Domstraße 10, Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universität Erfurt

The teaching building is located in the cloister complex of Erfurt Cathedral – an island in itself and yet right in the centre of the city. Martin Luther, who lived in Erfurt to study the liberal arts, once sat in the lecture rooms. The staff offices are located in the Villa Martin on the campus.

More information:

Faculty of Catholic Theology

Faculty of Catholic Theology on Facebook

Faculty of Catholic Theology on Instagram

Mitarbeitergebäude 1 (staff building/C23)

Das Hochhaus (Mitarbeitergebäude 1) auf dem Campus der Uni Erfurt
Mitarbeitergebäude 1 der Universität Erfurt
Das Hochhaus (Mitarbeitergebäude 1) auf dem Campus der Uni Erfurt

The high-rise building at the main entrance to the University of Erfurt is the Mitarbeitergebäude 1 (MG 1). It houses the Erfurt School of Education (ESE), offices of various departments of the Faculty of Philosophy, the BAföG office of the Student services organisation (Studierendenwerk Thüringen) and the Senate Hall on the 11th floor. The offices of the Staff Council and the Student Council of the University of Erfurt can be found in the annex of MG 1.

A photovoltaic system was installed during the 2010 façade renovation, which produces around 17,300 kWh of solar electricity per year, i.e. a saving of around 2,500 euros per year in unused electricity.

Mitarbeitergebäude 2 (staff building/C12)

In the Mitarbeitergebäude 2 (MG 2) there are currently some staff offices of the Faculty of Education.


Science education laboratory (C07)

Didactic workshop for science and technology teaching

The Science Education Laboratory supports students in the development of didactic-methodical competences in science and technology education. The offer includes workstations, a literature collection, teaching materials and advice on subject didactic questions.

go to Science education laboratory

Sports hall (C13)

Karate in der Sporthalle
Tischtennisplatte mit Schläger
Besuchtes Volleyballfeld

The University Sports Club Erfurt e.V. (USV) provides the entire university sports programme for students and employees of the University and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. With more than 150 courses in over 80 sports, the USV Erfurt offers a very wide range of sporting activities on a mass sports basis. Many of these events take place in the sports hall or the beach volleyball court on campus.

In addition to the classic ball sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, the range of sports on offer also includes sports such as karate, climbing, floorball, ultimate frisbee and trampoline gymnastics. But also fitness and health courses such as Aroha, back training and yoga are on the programme and are enjoying growing enthusiasm.

The sports hall is currently being renovated. During this time, sports will take place in a specially built alternative hall in the immediate vicinity of the sports hall.

University Sports Club Erfurt e.V. (USV)
more university groups

University Learning Workshop ("Lernwerkstatt"/C01)

Malersachen in der Lernwerkstatt
Lernraum der Lernwerkstatt
Student in der Lernwerkstatt

The University Learning Workshop is a place of learning within the university, which through its equipment with tools and materials makes it possible to realize learning as producing and designing, as experimenting and testing, as acting and learning with all senses. Especially students of teaching professions have the opportunity to enrich their theoretical studies with practical experience.

More information:
Blog of the University Learning Workshop

Verwaltungsgebäude (administration building/C2)

Front des Verwaltungsgebäudes
Mitarbeiterinnen des Verwaltungsgebäudes
Studienberatung Studentin Uni Erfurt

The Administration Building (VG/C02) houses Department 1: Registrar's Office, the International Office, the University Management, University Communications, Research and Graduate Service, Quality Management in Studies and Teaching, Controlling and Internal Auditing as well as the Departments of Human Resources, Financial Services and Facility Management.


Willy Brandt School of Public Policy (C19)

The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy is located in the research building "Weltbeziehungen" (C19) between the KIZ (C21) and the library (C16) on campus.

further information:

Willy Brandt School of Public Policy on Facebook

Willy Brandt School of Public Policy on Instagram

Research institutions

Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research (ErfurtLab/C07)

Wort Forschung

A large part of the experimental laboratory research at the University of Erfurt has so far been distributed among three laboratories – the Herrmann-Ebbinghaus Laboratory, the ELab of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences and the laboratory of the Graduate Research Group on Infant Research in Thuringia. Against the background of the increased demand for laboratory capacity across all faculties, particularly in the areas of health communication, educational research and linguistics, the University of Erfurt is now taking a consistent step towards the future: The Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research – or ErfurtLab for short – was founded in 2019. The existing laboratories will now be merged, expanded and institutionally anchored in a central one. The ErfurtLab is located in teaching building 2 (C07).

More information:

Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research (ErfurtLab) 

Gotha Research Campus

Außenansicht des Forschungszentrums Gotha auf dem Schlossberg
Außenansicht der Forschungsbibliothek Gotha der Universität Erfurt
Das Perthesforum in Gotha

Gotha Research Campus: Gotha Research Centre, Gotha Research Library and Gotha Perthes Collection

The Gotha Research Centre (CG3), the Gotha Research Library (CG1) and the Gotha Perthes Collection (CG2) are scientific institutions of the University of Erfurt. They are located in Friedenstein Castle in Gotha, on the castle hill and in the Perthes Forum.

The Gotha Research Centre is concerned with the history of knowledge in the early modern period, i.e. both "high" forms of knowledge (philosophy, scholarship, scientific knowledge) and more basal, often less institutionally formed, experience-saturated forms of knowledge (administrative knowledge, practical knowledge, lay knowledge). One focus is on the practices that generate and shape knowledge. In addition to knowledge in text form, the researchers investigate both pictorial knowledge - such as graphics and maps - and knowledge things as material knowledge stores. Since 2013, the Gotha Research Centre has also been researching topics of knowledge-cultural history of the 19th and 20th centuries. One focus here is the Perthes Collection. In addition, global historical approaches to research with the Gotha collections have also been made fruitful since then.
The Gotha Research Library preserves a unique fund of manuscripts, old prints and maps. It is one of the most important German libraries with historical book collections. Among the approximately 694,000 works are

  • 11.436 occidental and oriental manuscripts
  • about 350.000 prints of the 15th to 19th century
  • the Perthes Collection with 185,000 individual maps, 800 linear metres of archival materials and an outstanding historical cartographic-geographical library with 120,000 volumes from the former Perthes Verlag Gotha

More information:

Gotha Research Centre
Gotha Research Library
Gotha Perthes Collection

Max-Weber-Kolleg (C19)

Logo des Max-Weber-Kollegs der Universität Erfurt

The Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies has been based in the new "Weltbeziehungen" research building on campus (C19, Max-Weber-Allee 39) since 2023. It combines the functions of an institute, where fellows carry out interdisciplinary research projects for a limited period of time, and a permanently established Research training group (DFG), which offers aspiring researchers a structured doctorate or postdoctoral researcher phase.


research building "Weltbeziehungen" (C19)

It is another milestone for the University of Erfurt: the new research building on campus was opened on 18 October 2023. This will enable the implementation of a long-term research programme on the topic of "Attraction, Repulsion, Indifference - a comparative cultural analysis of Weltbeziehungen". The new building is located between the University Library and the Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ).

The building houses the Max-Weber-Kolleg, the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, the Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour, the Theological Research Centre and the research group "Voluntariness".

more information about the research building

Glass box
Café Hilgenfeld



The cafeteria (C04) offers you every day changing meals at small prices. The offer includes soups, main courses and desserts at various selection counters as well as a large salad and pasta bar. So there is something for everyone!

Opening hours can be found at the Website of the Studierendenwerk
Please note: Payment in the cafeteria is currently only possible with thoska (or EC card at the guest price).

Weekly overview of the food offers

Café Hilge

The Campus Café Hilge is located directly in the Erfurt University Library (C16). In addition to hot drinks and small snacks, you can take a break or recharge your batteries between literature research in a cosy atmosphere.

There are often readings, discussions or small exhibitions.

Opening hours during the lecture period
Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(during the lecture-free period: Monday to Friday, 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Café Hörsaal 7

The Café Hörsaal 7 is a student café centrally located on campus in the administration building (C02) of the University of Erfurt. There is always a place to have a snack between seminars or to exchange ideas with fellow students. When the sun is shining, you can relax with a coffee or cool drink on the terrace.

Payment is currently only possible by student card (Thoska) (or EC card at the guest rate).

Cafeteria Hörsaal 7

Glass box

In the glass box (C24) you will find small snacks and hot drinks as well as information and personal advice on financing your studies.

Opening hours can be found at the Website of the Studierendenwerk


Living on Campus

dormitories of the Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk Thüringen)

dormitories of the Student Services Organisation

The Student services organisation is responsible for a total of eight student residences in Erfurt. The rents are all-inclusive rents, i.e. all operating costs including water, electricity and heating are already included and range between 104 € and 299 €. Most rooms are furnished (bed, table, chair, cupboard, shelf) and modern fitted kitchens with stove and refrigerator can be used. However, kitchen appliances, cutlery, cooking and eating utensils are not included in the kitchen equipment.

Residences on the campus:

Alfred-Weber-Platz 2 (C11)
Alfred-Weber-Platz 5 (C20)
Nordhäuser Straße 78 (N78)
Nordhäuser Straße 79 (N79)
Plauener Weg 8 (C15)
Saalestraße 5/6 (Max-Kade-Haus/C09)

further information:

current offers of the Student Services Organisation

information about living in Erfurt

Further information about living in Erfurt and tips for finding accommodation can be found on the pages about living in Erfurt.

living in Erfurt
tips for finding accomodation

Swap Shop – sustainable exchange market for household goods

Swap Shop (Puzzlekiste)

Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is a sustainable exchange service shop for household items and other useful things. The offer is aimed for international students who come from abroad to study in Erfurt and need household items such as pots, dishes, towels, etc.. These can be borrowed (depending on availability) from the Swap Shop. At the end of the study stay, the items should ideally be returned.

Of course, all other students and employees of the university can also support the project by dropping off household items, cutlery, glasses, towels, etc. that they no longer need themselves to the Swap Shop. Please make an appointment!

Where? The Swap Shop is located in the basement of building LG 2 (C07), room 3b (-112)




Child care "Campus-Kinderland"

The "Campus-Kinderland" child care is located directly on campus in the rooms of the Max Kade Haus (C09). The facility offers childcare to 80 children from the age of 1. In addition to the spacious group rooms, a large multi-functional room with sports area and children's kitchen, a "studio" and a play garden provide sufficient space for play, sport and creativity.

Campus-Kinderland of the Student services organsiation

Flexible childcare "Räuberhöhle"

The flexible childcare "Räuberhöhle" is an institution of the Student services organisiation (Studierendenwerk Thüringen) and the University of Erfurt. Here, students and employees have the opportunity to have their children aged between twelve weeks and seven years looked after by the hour.

Child care „Räuberhöhle“

University of Erfurt from above

Vorschaubild Drohne Campus Englisch

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Campus tour with Hannah (Instagram Live)

Campus tour with Hannah

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