Admission requirements

General admission requirements for undergraduate programmes

To take up studies at the University of Erfurt, you need a valid university entrance qualification. For the undergraduate programmes (Bachelor and Magister Catholic Theology), according to § 67 Thüringer Hochschulgesetz (ThürHG), access is possible with one of the following educational pathways:

Admission requirements for a Master programme

Admission to a Master's programme is granted to those who have successfully completed a university degree with a standard period of study of at least six semesters as a general admission requirement.

The examination regulations for the respective Master's programme regulate the programme-related admission requirements, which the examination board decides on. The decision of the examination board is a prerequisite for enrolment.

Special admission requirements

Anyone applying to a university has to familiarise themselves with a very special " official German". Many terms sound similar and yet denote different things. For example, some of our fields of study are designated with an admission limitation or special admission requirements.

Aptitude test (EP) and aptitude assessment test (EFV)

Special admission requirements usually have subjects for which you must prove your aptitude. The aptitude is checked with the help of an aptitude test or an aptitude assessment test. Proof of successful participation is part of your application to the University of Erfurt. The application deadline for the following subjects is 30 September of the year in which you wish to begin your studies.

We have special admission requirements for the study programmes Art, Music Education and Mediation, Physical Education and Communication Science. We have summarised the most important information for you below. Please also use the pages of the programmes to find out about timely application and deadlines.

Study programmes with aptitude test

Kunst-Studentinnen malen ein Bild
Bachelor programme Art Art aptitude test
Studierende am Klavier
Bachelor programme Music Music aptitude test
Studentin in der Sporthalle der Uni Erfurt
Bachelor programme Physical Education Sports aptitude test

Study programmes with aptitude assessment test