Earning a doctorate at the University of Erfurt

Your path to a doctorate

Earning a doctorate at the University of Erfurt
Master's degree and then?

What we offer:

  • early independence in research with simultaneous integration into research groups, research teams or graduate schools
  • joint, interdisciplinary research programmes
  • interdisciplinary and cross-faculty programme structures in the certified (certified) graduate centres or the Max Weber Kolleg
  • Individual continuing education in the area of academic and professionally relevant key qualifications
  • Financial support through the university's own scholarships and grants
  • support and advice on applications for third-party funding
  • Reconciliation of family and science

Earning a doctorate

Go into research?

Research projects

The research activities at the University of Erfurt are diverse. In our database, we would like to present third-party funded projects from our three research foci ("Education. School, and Behaviour.", "Religion, Society, and World Relations." and "Knowledge, Spaces, and Media.") with a funding amount of 5,000 euros or more.

Topics: Communication and Media| Religion| Politics |Health and Psychology| Culture, Language and Society| History| Education and Pedagogy| Collections| Economics

Further information on the research area of the University of Erfurt:

Research foci

Graduate Forum

C. M. Wieland

The University of Erfurt would like to support young academics in the best possible way and offer them the best possible support for their professional careers. With this in mind, it has brought together its graduate support in the "Christoph Martin Wieland Graduate Forum".

The structure builds on existing programmes, structures and units in that the forum bundles elements and organises them in an overarching manner. At the same time, the forum ensures cross-institutional quality assurance. In addition to doctoral researchers and postdocs, professors (for scientific content), the Research and Graduate Services staff unit and various committees and commissions, including the Senate Committee for Research and Promotion of Early Stage Researchers (for evaluation and conception), participate in the forum.

On the one hand, already established structures for doctoral studies can be used and further developed, and on the other hand, the university takes into account the characteristic of its existing graduate support: the interaction of the various areas for excellent support of those interested in doctoral studies, doctoral students and postdocs.

Christoph Martin Wieland Graduate forum


Servicebüro (Team)
General enquiries Graduate Service
(Staff Unit Research and Graduate Services)

Research at the University of Erfurt

Gruppe von Forschern im Forschungszentrum Gotha
Gotha Research Centre for the History of Culture and Knowledge in Modern Times Gotha Research Centre
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Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies Max-Weber-Kolleg
Besucher einer Ausstellung über Forschung im Kommunikations- und Informationszentrum (KIZ) der Universität Erfurt
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