Transparency in research and science

Innenansicht des Kommunikations- und Informationszentrums (KIZ) der Universität Erfurt

Standards of good scientific practice, ethical conduct in research, thorough research impact assessment, transparency in third-party funding and the public provision of research results are essential to answer questions about the responsibility and accountability of research and its potential impact on individuals and society.

Against this background, the Thuringian universities, in cooperation with the relevant member groups, have committed themselves to rules for the transparent presentation of research projects that are funded by third parties. An up-to-date directory that is binding for all universities provides information on these projects.

The list includes all projects that were active in the previous year of the report's publication, regardless of their duration. This applies to all projects that started in the year under review or before and ended in the year under review or after. The de minimis limit is 5,000 euros. Projects below this threshold are reported in summary form.

To read more:

Under Research Service "Transparency in Science"you will find the current directory of the University of Erfurt and the guidelines for transparency in research and science adopted by the Thuringian Rectors Conference.

A list of all third-party funded projects of the Thuringian universities can be found on the website of the Thuringian Rectors Conference:Thuringian Universities 2017 Report on Third-party Funded Projects