Where should I study? In Erfurt, of course!

Discover the university city of Erfurt and find out why it is worth studying here.

Erfurt – that means culture, joie de vivre and relaxation, whether at the cabaret, concerts or a leisurely stroll between Krämerbrücke and the cathedral. Erfurt – that also means finding job prospects and shaping professional dreams.

Studierende bei der Krämerbrücke Erfurt
In front of the Krämerbrücke
There are many good reasons for studying in Erfurt (and Thuringia)...
  • Hiking, mountain biking, skiing - fans of outdoor activities get their perfect money's worth in Thuringia. 
  • Coast today, mountains tomorrow: Thuringia's central location is perfect for a weekend trip or a detour back home.
  • Whether auditorium cinema, open-air festival or podcasts: In Thuringia, many creative minds come together and actively shape student life.
  • With the semester ticket, you can travel in an environmentally friendly way by train and public transport and take advantage of the offers at various university locations across city boundaries.
  • Low living costs and studying without general tuition fees make studying in Thuringia affordable.
  • Whether refill cups, webinars or summer schools - sustainability, digitalisation and globalisation are lived and thought through at Thuringia's universities.
  • Manageable towns, numerous cultural and leisure activities and the cohesion of the "campus family" guarantee a good start to your studies.

Tradition inspires innovation

Here, young people are offered a wide range of opportunities for planning their lives in line with the motto "tradition inspires innovation". Even Martin Luther appreciated the advantages of the University of Erfurt: Today, around 6,000 young people study here. In addition, the approximately 4,700 students at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences combine theory and practice in their studies.

But those who study hard for life should not forget about leisure time. In the state capital, which with more than 200,000 inhabitants is the largest in Thuringia and one of the most attractive cities in Germany, there is a lot to experience.

Christmas market

Important transport hub

In the Middle Ages, two important trade routes, the Via Regia and the Nürnberger Geleitsstraße, crossed here and helped Erfurt to gain importance and wealth. The city, which was first mentioned in a document in 742, still owes its attractiveness and charisma to the trade in woad, a plant used to dye cloth blue. The charming old town, which has largely retained its medieval structure, enchants both residents and visitors with its charm and atmosphere. Atmospheric alleys and squares with their unique flair invite you to stroll and linger.

On a walk through Erfurt, the ensemble of St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Severus Church are impressive, as are the Petersberg Citadel and the 120-metre-long Krämerbrücke, the only bridge in Europe that is completely covered with houses and inhabited. It is also the backdrop for Thuringia's largest old town festival – the Krämerbrückenfest. Every year in June, jugglers, traders and musicians gather here for a colourful get-together and enchant young and old. In winter, on the other hand, Erfurt's Christmas market, one of the most beautiful and oldest in Germany, gets visitors in the mood for Christmas with Thuringian specialities.

Market on the Cathedral Square
Mouse & Elephant at the Anger
Miniature Erfurt

Shop, feast, stroll

With an attractive mix of small shops, which also offer typical regional specialities and handicrafts, and the large, nationally renowned shopping centres, the state capital has something for every taste. This is especially true of culinary Erfurt, which – in addition to the indispensable Thuringian dumplings and bratwurst – surprises with many other delicacies. The rich variety of restaurants with local specialities and foreign cuisine pampers body and soul. And those who decide to take a stroll in the evening, freshly fortified, can still feel the unique liveliness of the city even at a late hour. That's when Erfurt's pub scene awakens and invites visitors, students and residents to party.

Erfurt has a lot to offer culturally all year round. Erfurt Theatre is one of the most modern venues in Europe and has established itself in recent years with productions that have attracted national attention. With the annual "DomStufen-Festspiele" (Cathedral Steps Festival), for example, Erfurt Theatre stages an open-air experience of a special kind.

The various museums and galleries, cabaret houses, puppet shows and cabaret stages also characterise the cultural landscape of the state capital. The egapark, zoo and the numerous opportunities in the surrounding area are popular for family outings.

Erfurt from above
in the café

Erfurt – home of top-level and popular sport

In Erfurt, there are almost no limits to cultural and sporting activities. Various sports facilities offer a wide range of opportunities for competitive and recreational athletes. The Gunda Niemann Stirnemann Hall, for example, invites you to ice skate, but competitions of national and international importance are also held here.

Top athletes from all over the world also appreciate the excellent training conditions at Erfurt's Olympic base – with its ice sports centre, Steigerwald Stadium or Andreasried cycling track. The numerous sports clubs also offer suitable training opportunities for amateur athletes. The many parks are also popular as places for exercise and recreation. Whether surfing on the Erfurt lakes or cycling on the long-distance cycle routes – everyone can be active in Erfurt.

Through Thuringia with the semester ticket

The semester ticket is included in the semester fee. With the ticket, you can travel free of charge on the regional train in Thuringia and on public transport in Erfurt. The semester ticket includes:

  • a local transport ticket for trams and buses in Erfurt,
  • a rail ticket for trains of the Deutsche Bahn in Thuringia, the Erfurter Bahn GmbH and the Süd-Thüringen-Bahn, as well as
  • a VMT ticket.
Erfurt semester ticket

Impressions from Erfurt

Unterwegs mit Nathalie und Pauline (German only)

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On the road with Veronique Sophie & Madame Tamtam (German only)

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