Awards and Grant Commission (in accordance with ThürGFVO)

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The Awards and Grant Commission acts in accordance with §10 of the Thuringian Graduate Funding Ordinance (ThürGFVO) gets appointed by the Senate of the University of Erfurt. It determains if all necessary requirements and conditions for a scholarship are complied. Depending on the scholarship format, the Awards and Grant Commission decides about the awarding of each scholarship and in that respect makes recommendation to the Presidium. The extension of scholarships are also reviewed by the commission. In addition it conceptualizes forms of graduate fundings and gives recommendations to the Senate and the Presidium.

Members of the Awards and Grant Commission are elected for a term of two years (current term of office 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2022).



Vice President for Research and Graduate Services (chairman):
Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kranemann

Equal Opportunities Officer:
Dr. Theresia Piszczan, Representative: N.N.

Diversity officer:
Niklas Radenbach

Group of university teachers:
Prof. Dr. Elke Mack (KTF), Representative: Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Zaborowski (KTF)
Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent (MWK), Representative: Prof. Dr. Jörg Rüpke (MWK)
Prof. Dr. Sandra Neumann (Ewi), Representative: N.N.
Prof. Dr. Dominik Maltritz (Stawi), Representative: Prof. Dr. Guido Mehlkop (Stawi)
Prof. Dr. Frank Ettrich (Stawi), Representative: N.N.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Struck (Phil), Representative: Prof. Dr. Csaba Földes (Phil)

Group of academic staff:
Dr. Florian Wagner (Phil), Representative: Julia Soòs (Stawi)
Dr. Hanna Werner (MWK), Representative: Dr. Martin Christ (MWK)

Doctoral candidates, who are scholarship holders on basis of the ThürGFVO:
Mahtab Dadkhah (Phil), Representative: Marian Hefter (Phil)
Martin Repohl (MWK), Representative: Johanna Käsmann (Phil)


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