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The project "Internationalisation@home" (2021-2023) aimed to provide international exchange on campus for students, lecturers, academic and administrative staff with a global perspective and international exchange on campus and to improve the welcoming culture on campus. It was a cross-disciplinary project that sees internationalisation as an interdisciplinary task and affects all aspects of academic life - studies, teaching, research and university management.

The project served to implement the Internationalisation Strategy of the University of Erfurt and was funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Society (TMWWDG) until the end of 2023.

The "Internationalisation@home" project entailed a wide range of measures, namely:

  • Qualification of employees for advancing internationalization on campus;
  •  Development of internationally orientated and culturally sensitive administrative procedures and processes;
  • Courses, workshops and other programmes to acquire intercultural skills;
  • Preparation of a handout for initiating international cooperation;
  • Expansion of English-language and internationally orientated courses;
  • Development a buddy programme for international full-time students;
  • Establishment of an International Community Forum;
  • Establishment of a German writing workshop for international students;
  •  Improvement of communication in English and preparation of corresponding documents (e.g. forms, information sheets and regulations).
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