Your study start: Student Orientation Days

New at the university? Information for first-year students at the University of Erfurt

Attendance study with 3G-Rule

Motiv 3G-Regel an der Uni Erfurt

Attendance at courses and examinations is only permitted for persons who are:

  • vaccinated (geimpft)*,
  • tested (getestet)
  • or recovered (genesen)**

In order for us to be able to organise our teaching in attendance as far as possible in the winter semester, we ask you - if you have not yet been vaccinated - to get vaccinated immediately.

Current information on the topic of Corona

*The vaccination must have been carried out completely with a vaccine published on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute ( and at least 14 days must have passed since the second vaccination. Proof can be provided via an electronic document (e.g. Corona warning app, CovPass app) or in paper form (EU COVID certificate or vaccination card/vaccination book).

**Recovered persons without vaccination require proof of a positive PCR test or medical or official certificate dating back at least 28 days and a maximum of six months.

Well prepared for your studies

Starting a degree programme, switching to another university or moving to another city is a big step that we want to support you with. We offer Student Orientation Days (STET) in the week before the start of your studies. If you start your Bachelor's programme as a first-year student, students from the higher semesters, your student tutors, will be there to support you. In addition to preparing for your studies, you will learn a lot of interesting and exciting things about studying and student life in Erfurt.

Vorschaubild STET

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Why you should participate in the STET? Because you:

  • get to know your fellow students before lectures start

  • get a first impression of the campus and Erfurt

  • are going to understand how the study programme at the University of Erfurt is structured and what you will have to achieve in your future studies

  • will have created your timetable for the first semester by the end of the week

  • find out what offers are available for you at the Language Centre, the University Sports Club (USV Erfurt), the University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ), the Studierendenwerk Thüringen or in the library (UB)

The advantages are obvious and that's why you should not miss the Student Orientation Days at your new university!

Offers for all students

Information on language tests (placement test)

Studentinnen im Seminarraum

Placement test for German as a foreign language (DaF), English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish

For pure beginner courses (A1) no placement test is necessary. However, if you have previous knowledge of a foreign language, you must take a placement test. This concerns the languages DaF, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

For all other languages, please contact the respective lecturer regarding the placement test.

Further information and dates

Registration for the OPT (English placement test)

Offers of the University Library at the beginning of studies

Innenansicht der Universitätsbibliothek Erfurt

Information for First Semester Students

The library has prepared various offers for first-year students for the start of their studies. We have compiled the most important information for you so that you can familiarise yourself with using the library in advance and online.

Library (introductory) tours

In addition, we offer library tours where you can get to know the library on site. These guided tours take place on fixed dates and with a limited number of participants, therefore registration is necessary. Please check the schedule for your degree programme in advance to see if you can attend at your desired time.

Office hours of the Equal Opportunities Office at the beginning of studies

Mobile Kinderkiste im Gleichstellungsbüro der Universität Erfurt

The Equal Opportunities Officer provides confidential advice on issues such as the compatibility of studies and family responsibility, experiences with sexual discrimination, harassment or violence. She continues to provide advice at other times by telephone, via Webex video conference or in the office by appointment by e-mail.

Networking and exchange

We have set up a Moodle room for all students at the University of Erfurt to find out and exchange information about studying with children. There is general information from the university and the student union, but also help and tips from other parents.

In addition, we want to hold a kind of regulars' table or a topic-related event once a month.

Name: Studieren mit Kind / Access: StudierenmitKind


Organisation STET

Anne Zimmermann
Student advice and counselling
(Department 1: Registrar‘s Office)
Verwaltungsgebäude / first floor (front entrance)
Office hours
by telephone: Monday to Friday 9-11:30

Get connected!

Get to know your future fellow students before you start your studies! Found shared flats! Travel to Erfurt together! Get the answers for your questions about starting your studies and discuss them! Join our Facebook group and meet out campus specialists.

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Tutorial Webex: Registration for First Semester

Registrierung Webex

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Tutorial Webex: join the meeting

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Further information for first semester students

Studentin mit Buch
Information for first semester students Well organised through the first semester
Student am Laptop in der Bibo
FAQ for the start of your studies Your questions, our answers