Committee of PhD Representatives

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City Tour and Christmas Market

Dear PhDs,

we want to invite you to a little get-together on November 30, at 5.30 pm.

One of our members (Alina) is dusting of her old city guide knowledge and gives you a little tour through the city center. The tour will be in English.

When you are new to the city or you just want to meet some fellow PhDs, then join us! After 1 1/2 h we will head to the Christmas Market and warm up at one of the cute mulled wine stands.

Unfortunatly you have to pay for your own drinks.



What: City tour (english) and warm drinks on the Christmas Market

Wann: 30.11.23, 5.30 pm

Meeting point: Domplatz in front of the Tegut

Alina will have a sign with her


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Feel free to share the invite with other PhDs!

Your PhD representatives

One-time payment of 200€ for doctoral candidates

200 Euro

Starting from mid-March 2023, eligible doctoral candidates in Germany can now apply for a one-time payment of 200€ to relieve the burden of increased energy costs. This much-awaited relief comes after a seven-month wait and is expected to provide much-needed financial support to doctoral students. Here is a brief overview of the application process for this relief:

Who can apply for the one-time payment?

Any student who is currently enrolled at a university in Germany as of December 01, 2022, is entitled to the one-time payment, including doctoral students. In addition, foreign students and doctoral candidates who reside in Germany and have been enrolled in at a German university since December 1, 2022, are also eligible to apply for the payment.

How can you apply for the one-time payment?

To apply for the one-time payment, you will need an access code and a PIN, which will be sent to you by the university of Erfurt. You will also need a Bund-ID account, which you can set up in advance. Alternatively, you may use e-ID or ELSTER as secondary options, but they are not required for appling for the one-time payment.

Starting from March 15th, students can apply for the one-time payment on the website The website provides further information and a FAQ section, as well as a hotline for any questions you may have. Please be cautious of phishing emails that may attempt to steal your application data; always verify the sender’s trustworthiness before clicking any links.

When will the money be paid out?

According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research website, payments for the one-time payment should begin in mid-March 2023, after the application process starts on the 15th. You can find more information on the BMBF website, which is available only in German.

If you have any questions about the one-time payment or require assistance with the online application form, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Contact Information

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Postal Address:
Promovierendenvertretung der Universität Erfurt
Nordhäuser Straße 63
99089 Erfurt

Sebastian Schmidt

Alicia Göthe

Useful Informations for Doctoral Students

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The information (German)we have compiled is intended to help with the financing of doctoral projects and the associated research costs.

We have written this summary with Information of time limited qualification positions (German) as information for doctoral students with qualification positions.

Tasks and Goals

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We articulate and promote the interests of doctoral researchers at the University of Erfurt. We facilitate an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty exchange on matters relevant to doctoral studies and contribute to an interdisciplinary, cooperative and international doctoral culture. In addition, it is our task to make recommendations on all relevant matters in the university administration and political bodies such as the senate (Senat) or the faculty councils (Fakultätsräten Empfehlungen). Last but not least, we would like to support networking and exchange among doctoral researchers at the university.

Terms of Office
Members of the Committee are elected for one year (current term of office 01.10.2022-30.09.2023).

The Committee of the PhD representatives consists of one representative and one deputy from each faculty and the Max-Weber-Kolleg (5+5). The term of office is one year and usually begins on October 1st every year. All enrolled doctoral researchers may elect the Committee and stand for election. Each faculty and the Max-Weber-Kolleg elects its own representatives. Candidate who receives the most votes is elected as the representative. The candidate with the second most votes is elected as deputy.

Form "Election proposal for the new election of the committees of the University of Erfurt as of 01.10.2023 (student group) DE

Current Members

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Sebastian Schmidt
Faculty of Theology

Alicia Göthe
Faculty of Education

Jan Frederik Grundmann
Faculty of Economics, Law, and Social Sciences

Alina Zeller
Max Weber Centre

René Porschen
Faculty of Philosophy