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Guest auditors

Duration: 1 semester [subject to administrative fees].

In addition to the series of events on lifelong learning, interested students have the opportunity to attend lectures at the University of Erfurt as guest students.

What is a guest auditor?

Guest auditorship is an opportunity to attend lectures at the University of Erfurt. It is an open educational offer of the University within the framework of its legal mandate for academic further education.

Independently of this, you can acquire a user status for the use of the library.

Registration at the University Library

Who can become a guest student?

Access to guest auditors is open in principle. Visiting students are not subject to age restrictions, special admission requirements (e.g. A-levels or vocational education), professional status, a specific place of residence or other personal characteristics. Refugees are also invited as guest students.

What is your status as a guest student?

  • You will be enrolled with the status of "guest auditor" and receive a guest auditor's card.
  • You take part in the lectures at the university and sit in classes together with the students.
  • As a guest auditor, you are not entitled to acquire credits. You are not permitted to take part in examinations.

Please note: The guest student card does not entitle you tofree use of public transport in Erfurt or the German railway system.

How do I become a guest student?

  • Choose the lectures that suit your personal interests from the entire range of courses offered by the university. You will receive an overview of these courses in the course catalogue.
  • Then transfer the fees. You can find the details of the University of Erfurt's bank account on page 2 of the application for registration as a guest student. You submit your completed application together with proof of the previously paid fee (please bring the payment receipt with you as proof) to Department 1: Registrar's Office of the University of Erfurt by the end of the 2nd week of lectures of the current semester.
  • Refugees are requested to present their application in person at Department 1: Registrar's Office.
  • You will then receive your guest student card by post. The guest auditor card is valid for one semester (summer or winter semester).

Application for registration as a guest student

Course catalogue

What does the guest auditor cost you?

The guest auditor fee is 50 € per semester.

Who is my contact?

Studierendenangelegenheiten (Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre)
Student Affairs
(Department 1: Registrar‘s Office)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Erdgeschoss (Haupteingang)
Office hours
in person: Monday to Thursday 12-15 hrs and by appointment
by telephone: Monday to Friday 9-11:30

Children's University

Children's University Erfurt

Duration: Summer and winter semester [free of charge]

Whether 7 or 14 years old - the events are made for different age groups, participation is free of charge.

Children's University Erfurt

lecture series

lecture series

Duration: 1 semester [free of charge]

The lecture series is a cooperation event between the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, which takes place on Tuesdays in both the summer and winter semesters on a specific topic.

Current lecture series

Further Education Certificate Distance Learning Mathematics


Duration: 4 semesters

The extra-occupational distance learning certificate programme in Mathematics enables students to acquire the professional requirements for applying for a teaching qualification for the subject "Mathematics" at a secondary school or at a vocational school.

Certificate Distance Learning Programme in Mathematics

Erfurt College

Erfurt College

Duration: 1 semester [fee required]

The Erfurt Collegium is an event organised by the University Society in cooperation with the University of Erfurt, in which academic issues from various disciplines are addressed.

Programme of the Erfurt College

Children's University "Around the Book

Children's Reading University

Duration: one week in March [free of charge]

The Children's University "Around the Book" is embedded in the Erfurt Children's Book Days and aims to make children curious about literature.

Children's University "Around the Book"

Further education with certificate qualification


Duration: 6 semesters

The University of Erfurt offers further education studies with a certificate degree to the extent of a Bachelor's minor (60 credit points/ECTS) as a 6-semester part-time programme.

Further education studies with certificate degree

Catholic Theology

Catholic Theology

Duration: 1 semester [subject to administrative fees]

The course offerings are aimed at all those who are interested in fundamental philosophical, theological and religious studies issues and who wish to exchange ideas.

Catholic theology - study in old age

Long Night of Sciences

Long Night of Sciences

Duration: 1 night [free of charge]

Together with Erfurt's universities, the HELIOS Klinikum and numerous other companies and institutions, the city of Erfurt invites all Erfurt residents and guests to experience science in the truest sense of the word.

Long Night of Sciences


We also offer numerous other public lectures, seminar series or events. Take a look at our calendar of events.

Calendar of events at the University of Erfurt