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International Office

Where to find us:
The International Office is located on campus, Administration Building (Verwaltungsgebäude - C02), Alfred-Weber-Platz 1, right entrance, offices 0.34 - 0.37. 

Office hours for students:
The following office hours apply for international exchange students and international degree-seeking students (incoming): Monday - Thursday, 1.00 - 3.00 p.m.

For students wishing to go abroad (outgoing), office hours are currently by appointment only. Appointments can be made by telephone or e-mail. 

Documents can also be sent by post or e-mail or posted in the blue letterbox at the main entrance to the university. If you use the letterbox, you must address the envelope to the International Office.

Guidelines for the protection against discrimination, harassment and violence

The International Office advises you if you experienced discrimination, harassment or violence.

Link to Richtlinie zum Schutz vor Diskriminierung, Belästigung und Gewalt (Ri-AGG-UE) der Universität Erfurt
(Guidelines for the protection against discrimination, harassment and violence)

Support for Ukraine

Have you recently refugeed from Ukraine and are looking for information about studying at the University of Erfurt? Or would you like to help and get involved yourself?

The University of Erfurt has collected information under the title "ScienceForUkraine" that will help you. Here you will also find contact persons for your concerns.
The International Office provides advice on study opportunities, requirements and preparation for studies. You can also get to know the university as a guest student or connect with students from the Welcome Project.

To the Website ScienceForUkraine

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Imprint, data security and netiquette


Data security regulations of Instagram

On this website you can view the data sercurity regulations of Instagram:
Instagram Data Security regulations

Please note that personal data may be elicited by Instagram even if you do not have an Instagram account. 


We want for you and us to experience and promote a respectful environment on our social media channels Facebook and Intagram, which is why we reserve for ourselves the right to delete inappropriate posts without comment.

If you have specific questions concerning, for instance your studies, please contact us by e-mail.

Thank you very much!
The International Office Team