The Presidium leads the University of Erfurt. Its members are the President, the Vice Presidents and the Head of Administration.



Denise Baumgart
Denise Baumgart
(President's Office and Staff Unit University Development)
Verwaltungsgebäude / room 1.40
Christin Gellner
(Office of Head of Administration)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Room 1.33

Advisory boards

Diversity advisory board


The Advisory Board advises the Presidium on fundamental diversity issues. These include in particular the framework conditions, objectives and possibilities for dealing constructively with diversity, including measures to protect against discrimination. The Advisory Board supports the development of the university's diversity strategy and also accompanies the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the University of Erfurt. The Advisory Board is to meet twice per semester on a rotational basis.



  • Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg, President (Chairperson)
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Jurkowski, Professoral member
  • Dr. Mischa Engelbracht, Academic employee
  • Marieke Petersen, Student
  • Verena Baumüller, Student
  • Sebastian Simros, Student
  • Niklas Radenbach, Diversity Officer
  • Equal opportunity officer, N. N.
  • Bernhard Becher, Officer of the area "Studying with disabilities"
  • Franziska Gossen, Representative body for severely disabled persons
  • Manuela Linde, Head of the International Office
  • Nadine Pippus-Wehlisch, Inclusion Officer
  • Andrea Scholz, Chairperson of the Staff Council

Consultative experts may be consulted.

Term of office

The term of office is limited to 30.09.2022.