Support schemes

For a good start

Students chatting in front of the university library building

Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme provides international degree-seeking and exchange students with help for settling-in from the start: Experienced local students of the University of Erfurt - the so-called buddies - help international students on their arrival, show them around the campus and the city, introduce them to new people and support them with questions and problems.



Intensive German course

For exchange students, the Language Centre offers a four-week intensive German course (level A1 - B1) before the start of their studies. This course takes place before the winter semester (September/October) and before the summer semester (March/April). Learn more

During the lecture period, all students at the University of Erfurt make use of the the Language Centre's comprehensive course offer - for German  as well as for other languages! Learn more

Further offerings

Internationally seen people communicate through a network

International Community Forum

“How long does it take until I get my residence permit?” “How can I find a part-time job?” “How can I open a bank account?” - We know certain information can be very hard to find, especially if you are new in town and haven’t built a community-network yet.

To fill in this gap, we created the International Community Forum on Moodle. It is a bilingual and collaborative tool: anyone with an Email address from the Uni Erfurt can join, post and comment. The forum provides a safe and trustworthy environment for information exchange and mutual help.

Go to Moodle-room
Password: forum

Two people read and study together

Writing Lab German

-- Beginning in winter semester 2023/24 --

The Writing Lab for German (Schreibwerkstatt) offers international degree-seeking students individual advice for essays, papers, presentations as well as solving doubts and correcting mistakes. 

The tutors offer assistance and can thus gain teaching experience in an international and DaF (German as a foreign language) environment! For tutors no former preparation is required and the workload does not exceed 2 hours per month. To join, send an email to:

When: every two weeks on Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00 (for current dates please check the our German website. You may change the language settings of this page in the upper right corner). 

Where: Lernwerkstatt  LG 1 | Room 0028


Logo Swap shop mit Geschirr Figuren

Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is a sustainable exchange service shop for household items and other useful things. The offer is aimed for international students who come from abroad to study in Erfurt and need household items such as pots, dishes, towels, etc.. These can be borrowed (depending on availability) from the Swap Shop. At the end of the study stay, the items should ideally be returned.

Of course, all other students and employees of the university can also support the project by dropping off household items, cutlery, glasses, towels, etc. that they no longer need themselves to the Swap Shop. Please make an appointment!
Where? The Swap Shop is located in the basement of building LG 2, room 3b (-112)

Tandem bike

Learning languages as a team

The Tandem Programme (learning languages as a team) is carried out by the Language Centre. A tandem consists of two people who support each other in language learning. Learning in tandem is a form of open learning in which native speaker of two different languages work together to teach each other the other language. The meetings and the topics are arranged freely and according to their particular interests. The focus is on the intercultural exchange and the practice of both languages.

Logo ICE

University group International Campus Erfurt

The university group International Campus Erfurt (ICE) was created in the winter semester of 2013. It is committed, on the one hand, to increase the engagement of international students in socio-cultural activities and, on the other hand, to the internationalization of campus life. ICE works in cooperation with the International Office.​​​​​​​



University group AEGEE

The AEGEE university group at the University of Erfurt is part of the Europe-wide AEGEE network (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe/ European Students' Forum), which promotes the interests of Europe's youth and encourages them to grow together. AEGEE meets every Monday 8pm at the Kreativtankstelle (Veilchenstraße 32). Instagram


Other university groups at the University of Erfurt


Student Council Logo

Student Council (StuRa)

The Student Council (StuRa) of the University of Erfurt is the students' representative on campus and advocates for their interests. Its department Stura international supports international students and works closely with the International Office of the University of Erfurt as well as with the Student Council and university group representatives (Fachschaftsrat). Contact:

Where? The Student Council's Office is located on campus directly behind the main entrance, on the left side, between the Glassbox café and the staff building (Mitarbeitergebäude).

Office hours: Monday to Friday | 10h-12h and 14h-16h

Stura-International: Tuesday 14h-16h (Anne-Christine) | Friday 10h-12h (Leony)

Logo of the project Café International

Café International

At Café International students can experience a journey around the world . Every week, students can get to know different cultures, meet new people, watch interesting presentations and share their own experiences, taste typical dishes or participate in traditional dances.

The Café International programme is organized by tutors from Erfurt's universities - the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences. Students are always welcome to actively participate in a country evening!

When: During the lecture period every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Where: Café Hörsaal 7 (administration building, university campus). | Instagram

Strangers become friends logo

Strangers become friends (hospitality project)

The project Strangers Become Friends matches international students with host families from Erfurt. This allows students to connect to local people beyond campus - with whom they can explore Erfurt and Thuringia and experience the regional culture and way of life up close.

To join the project, please register online.

Every third Thursday of the month, participants can meet over an International Stammtisch at 8 p.m. in the Havana Bar (Neuwerkstr. 10). It's a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world, make friends and practice your language skills.

Springboard to Learning

Springboard to Learning is a non-profit association that promotes cultural awareness. Its mission is to bring together people who see diversity as a positive challenge and want to broaden their knowledge of other cultures through mutual exchange. The association's events promote integration and encourage attitudes of acceptance, tolerance and openness.

The association puts internationals, including students, in contact with schools for teaching activities. Honorary contracts are concluded for 12-hour courses, whereby the thematic orientation is agreed upon with the respective subject teacher of the school in question. For example, courses can be integrated into the subjects of Music, Philosophy, Languages, Social Sciences, Geography, History or Arts.

If you are interested in being a Springboard teacher, you should already think about bringing from home "hands-on-materials" - to be seen, touched, tasted, dressed, smelled and heard -, to give the students an understanding of your origin, your culture "beyond the coursebooks" (e.g. photos, musical instruments, bank note and coins, stamps, spices, art objects, song lyrics, maps, storybooks, etc.). Springboard to Learning FLYER


Integrative and intercultural offers in Erfurt

Rauthaus building

Erfurt offers a wide range of cultural, sport and integrative activities. For example, there are various international educational and cultural associations and foreign societies with the mission of bringing together people from different cultural background.

The network for integration of the city of Erfurt is an association of public and third-sector organisations, clubs, institutions, associations and individuals. It provides an overview of the various schemes for dialogue, integration and intercultural exchange in the city.

The Afeefa - Bunter Kompass für Thüringen project is a social platform for migrants, refugees, committed people and initiatives to network, coordinate needs and provide information about the latest developments in the areas of asylum, migration and refugee issues. "All for one and one for all!"