Support schemes

Strangers Become Friends (Hospitality project)

The project Strangers Become Friends (Fremde werden Freunde) assigns international students at the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences with host families in the city of Erfurt. By doing this, we want to help students establish contacts beyond the campus and get acquainted with Erfurt as quickly as possible. Your host:

  • helps you get acquainted with the city of Erfurt and locations nearby
  • supports you if you have appointments at an authority office, a doctor's appointment, if you face any problems
  • invites you to get to know their families, so that you get more familiar with German culture and way of life
  • may plan trips/events together with you (sports, culture, ...)

If you want to join the award-winning project, please register online. The Strangers Become Friends International Regulars Table takes place every third Thursday of the month, 8.00 pm in the Havana Bar (Neuwerkstr. 10). The Regulars Table is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to find friends and to practice language skills. Without a doubt you will take home a lot of unforgettable memories! Contact: (Ms. Dana Kittel, Head of the project)

To the Strangers Become Friends website

Offers by the Language Center

German Intensive Course


The Language Center offers a four-week German Intensive Course (A1-B1) for international students in Master programs taught in English as well as international exchange students. It takes place before winter semesters (September/October) and summer semesters (March/April), respectively. Please find all information on the website of the Language Center.

Student associations

International Campus Erfurt

The student association International Campus Erfurt (ICE) was founded in winter semester 2013. On the one hand, International Campus Erfurt is committed to integrate international students in sociocultural activities and on the other hand, to support internationalization of campus life. ICE works closely ohether with the International Office. Contact: | facebook: internationalcampuserfurt



The AEGEE student association of the University of Erfurt is part of the European-wide AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum) which promotes co-operation, communication, and integration amongst young people in Europe.  Ein Highlight im Veranstaltungsprogramm ist in jedem Semester das von AEGEE ausgerichtete Internationale Frühstück. Contakt:

Café International

Café International is a regular and popular meeting place for all international and German students at the University and the University of Applied Sciences who like to meet and interact with people from other countries and cultures.

Every Tuesday night in the semester, Café International takes you on a journey around the world. The event offers introductory nights to specific countries, slide shows, discussions, and fun dancing opportunities. 

All events are organised by the student tutors of both Erfurt universities. Join Café I in this multicultural get-together and enjoy international food, hot Salsa rhythms, or international poetry. If you are interested in getting involed, please contact the Café tutors! 

every Tuesday during the semester at 8 pm in the café "Hörsaal 7" on University ampus (Administration building)
Contact: | facebook: cierfurt

Springboard to Learning e.V.

Springboard to Learning

Springboard to Learning e.V. is a non-profit association that promotes cultural awareness. The most important task of the club is to bring people together who see heterogeneity as a positive challenge. Springboard to Learning organises meetings between people of different cultures who want to broaden their knowledge of other cultures and gain new experience in this area. The association's events promote integration and encourage attitudes of acceptance, tolerance and openness.

 Springboard to Learning provides a service for international residents in Germany (including registered international students) by organising teaching programmes for foreign nationals in schools. Freelance contracts for 12-hour courses can be set up for this purpose, and the course content is discussed with the subject teacher of the school in question. Courses in subjects such as Music, Philosophy, Languages, Social Sciences, Geography, History and Art can be integrated into this system.
If you are interested in working as a Springboard teacher, you should already start thinking about bringing along authentic, hands-on materials that you can touch, taste, wear, smell or hear in order to bring your culture to life for the pupils and give them insights they could otherwise not be acquired from books (e.g. photographs, musical instruments, money, stamps, spices, objets d'art, song texts, maps, fairy-tales, etc.).

Springboard to Learning LEAFLEF



International societies

There are numerous international clubs and societies in Erfurt:

The German-American Society

The German-Israeli Society

The German-Polish Society

The Europa-Union Germany Thuringia 

All these societies try to bring people from different cultures together. Join in!